February 2024

Village of Forest Hills Council Meeting
Tuesday, February 06, 2024 – 7:00 pm
Forest Hills Assembly Hall, Cullowhee NC


The following members of the Council were present:

Mayor Marcia Almond

Councilmember Robert Kehrberg

Councilmember Larry Ingersoll

Councilmember Nilofer Couture

Councilmember Daniel Shields

The following non-Council members were Present:

Stephanie Gibson, Clerk

Jack Brown, Planning Board

Brody Sitton, NCDOT

  1. Call to order: at 7:00pm Mayor Almond called the meeting to order. 

     2.  Announcements:

Reminder – Please silence cell phones for meeting. 

     3.  Approval of Agenda: Councilmember Shields made a motion to approve the agenda, Councilmember Kehrberg seconded the motion, unanimously approved. 

     4.  Approval of Meeting Minutes for January 02, 2024, Regular Council Meeting:(All meeting minutes are posted on the Forest Hills website once approved.) Councilmember Couture made a motion to approve the meeting minutes for January 02, 2024, Councilmember Shields seconded the motion, unanimously approved. 

     5.  Acceptance of Financial Report & Checklist for the month of January 2024: (All financial reports are posted on the Forest Hills website once approved.) Councilmember Ingersoll made a motion to accept the financial report, Councilmember Shields seconded the motion, unanimously approved.

  1. Public Comment:  None 
  1. NCDOT Engineer to discuss Village roads:  Brody Sitton with the NCDOT attended the meeting to discuss the possibility of addressing the sharp curves when coming in on South Country Club Drive.  He mentioned that the NCDOT has a program called Spot Safety that might be able to assist with the project from a safety standpoint.  Council said that there has rarely been an accident if ever because residents are aware of the road issues and usually stop and allow the approaching car to pass before going forward.  Brody said that the program is reactive, and data driven but he would address the problem at his next meeting.  He said that the meetings are held quarterly, and the next one was the last Monday in February, but it may take some time to hear a response. 

Councilmember Ingersoll asked Brody about mirror placement.  Brody said that NCDOT doesn’t install them but that he or Brian could give their opinion on mirror placement.  He suggested at least a 24” or 30” mirror, NCDOT signs are typically 4x4. Brody said that NCDOT has a 60’ right-of-way, 30’ from the yellow line on each side.  Council asked Brody about No parking or towing enforced signs and he said they could be placed on property owned by the Village.  Council asked about enforcement of vehicles parked in no parking areas and he said that troopers usually request towing of vehicles.

Council asked about the possibility of installing a guardrail on the left of the Village entrance to prohibit traffic.  Brody said that NCDOT would not install them but that he had a contact for a company that installs guardrails and noted that it was typically $24/$28 per linear foot and that there are two end units on a guardrail at 50’.  He noted that there is a 45’ right-of-way on dead end roads.  Council asked about power poles being on the right-of-way and he said that Duke usually puts the power poles on the right-of-way for accessibility.

     8.  Reports: 

Mayor’s Report: Marcia Almond – Mayor Almond said at the last meeting that discussed Park service fees being charged. 

Mayor Almond said that the state dinner for the NCLM will be held on April 3rd if anyone would like to attend, she is planning to attend.

Roads: Larry Ingersoll – Councilmember Ingersoll said that he had called Correction Enterprises to order signs to replace those missing throughout the Village.  He will check into ordering additional road signs and mirrors needed.

Planning Board: Planning Board Chair Tim Eckard was absent.

Village Safety: Nilofer Couture – Councilmember Couture said that the village was patrolled a total of 47 hours last month.  The patrolmen currently working are Ty Foxx and Steve Sutton.  She said that there were 24 911 calls for the month, and all came from North Country Club Dr.

  1. New Business: 
  • Business Cards – Councilman Ingersoll shared that he ordered business cards to have for Village business from the Print Haus.  Council discussed and Councilmember Shields made a motion to have Stephanie order business cards for the mayor and other councilmembers, councilmember Ingersoll seconded the motion, unanimously approved. 
  • NCLM State Dinner – April 3rd in Hickory:  Mayor Almond said she is planning to attend the state dinner and for anyone else interested in going to let her know.
  • City Vision April 23-25 – Winston-Salem:  Mayor Almond said she is planning to attend the City Vision Conference and invited any others interested to participate. 
  • Spring Litter Sweep – April 13-17:  Mayor Almond said that she had spoken to Terry and Niall Michelsen and that they are willing to head up the Litter sweep. 
  1. Unfinished Business:
  • Update on Arborist:  Councilman Shields said that he would speak to an Arborist he knew and see about getting them to come and assess the situation with the trees and shrubs in the area that need to have work done. 
  • Update on boulders, iron, or split rail fencing – Mayor Almond and Councilmembers discussed the possibility of purchasing additional fencing or something to keep people from parking on the side of the road when entering Forest Hills.  To be discussed at the March meeting. 
  • Seminars for new members – required course “Essentials of Municipal Government”:  Mayor Almond shared that all new Councilmembers are required to take the course after they are sworn in.  She noted that a course will be held in Asheville this month and to give Stephanie your receipt for payment and the Village would reimburse members for their costs. 
  • Update on Prospect Commercial Space:  No recent updates.  Councilmembers said that the Axe Bar has not caused any noise issues of which they are aware. 

    11.  Adjourn: At 8:55pm, Councilmember Shields made a motion to adjourn, Councilmember Ingersoll seconded the motion, unanimously approved.