December 2019

December 16, 2019 Village of Forest Hills Planning board Meeting Minutes


Call to order @ 7:06 PM


Jayne Buchanan

Mark Ellison

Ben Graning

Diane Martinez

Clark Corwin –Council Liaison

Mike Poston-Jackson County Planning


Diane made a motion to approve November 2019 meeting minutes.  Motion carried.

There was no formal agenda due to the lack of a chair person so we moved to Administrative Reports

Village Council-Clark

  1. Planning board vacancy- Someone from the ETJ needs to fill this position. Clark encouraged us to reach out to those in those areas to see if someone would be interested. The application is on the Village of Forest Hills website, this position is a 3 year term.

Discussion: Be suggested to reach out to someone that lives in the Prospect community to possible serve in this position. 

  1. Organizational Meeting-Once we have a candidate for the planning board  vacancy we need to elect a chairperson, secretary, committee members etc. This meeting is tentatively on the table for the January 20, 2020 meeting.
  2. Council is looking into the issue of the parking on the ROW and possibly new signage for this issue.


Discussion with Mike about our Planning board script, the amount of time for public comment,

Lot sizes, that are non-conforming/grandfathered and how city water/sewer affected the lots sizes (ex: 1/2 acre-1 ac)


       Open Items discussed:

  1. Striping/speed bumps

Other discussion:

               1 .Left turn lane to South Country Club, and lane coming out of Stadium View turning left.

        Items for January 27, 2020 Agenda

1         .Review of Rules of Procedure

  1.  Time limits on Public Comment


Diane made motion to adjourn @8:03 pm

Next meeting January 27, 2020.








November 2019


Meeting was called or order @ 7:00 pm

Present                                                        Absent                                          Public

Jayne Buchanan                                         Mark Ellison                                 Rick Cardona

Jack Brown                                                  Ben Graning                                 Debbie Rowland

Diane Martinez

Clark Corwin


October meeting minutes were approved by Diane

November agenda was approved by Diane


Administrative Reports-Clark

  1. Striping at stop signs on Valhalla and Stadium view reach out to DOT
  2. Talk with JM Teague possibly for a study for speed bumps (ex. Are speed bumps effective in areas like Forest Hills, are there other options etc.) Also look into having both JM Teague and DOT at a meeting to discuss
  3. Opportunity zone-Further Research
  4. Chris Green Discussion

Rental potential is long term for Chris Green

No formal application has been submitted to Jackson County

Diane suggested that we research other potential developments in our area and around the university and reach out to the university about potential new enrollment numbers.

Communication Committee –Rick

  1. No real updates
  2. Goal is for the committee to reach out to other members of the community to help keep them well informed about the village meeting and events.

Public Comment

Debbie mentioned last ballgame weekend about vehicles being parked on the shoulder in the road on the N country club side. Suggestions would it be feasible to look into maybe solar signs in that area.


Discussion about Traffic Studies for the turning lane onto 107.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM

Next Meeting will be at our new location on Dec 16,2019 at 7:00 pm