July 2019

Planning Board Meeting – July 15, 2019

The meeting was called to order @ 7:20 PM

Roll Call :                                                                                               

Jack Brown – Acting Chairperson – Present                                                     

Jayne Buchanan – Absent                                                                                                                         

Mark Ellison – Present                                                                                  

Ben Graning – Present                                                                  

Diane Martinez – Absent 

(This constitutes a quorum - 3 required)

Clark Corwin – Village Council Liaison – Present    

Public Present to Comment:   

Rick Cardona

Tim Eckard

David Shapiro                                                           


Review of Previous Minutes

The June 17, 2019 Minutes were unanimously approved.

Approval of July 15, 2019 Agenda

Today’s Agenda was unanimously approved.


 Items on Agenda:

 Administrative Reports – (See Council Action) 

Council Action – Clark discussed ongoing communication with Chris Greene of Creekside Development (Golf Course) and updated the Planning Board on the progress of the Cloverleaf Development. This included a review of Phase Three which is the Mixed Use (Business & Housing) Phase for future development. Clark additionally responded to the Five Questions from the June 17 Minutes.

Communication Committee (New) – (See New Business and Public Comments)

Open Items / Other – None

Unfinished / Old Business – Jack agreed to serve as temporary Chairperson until the end of the year at which time the position can be reevaluated.

New Business – A motion was made and unanimously approved to establish a Communication Committee.

Public Comment – A consensus of the three public commentators was in summary that we need to have more public (residents) involved in future Village Planning.  After a discussion among the Board Members present, it was agreed to establish a Communication Committee representing the residents. A representative will attend future Planning Board Meetings to provide a more formal point of contact. Their function would be to ensure that the interests of the residents were shared with the Planning Board on a continuing basis.

Note:  As a reminder – All residents are welcome to attend Planning Board Meetings to express their individual concerns.


The Meeting was adjourned by unanimous vote @ 8:50 PM