December 2013 Closed Meeting Minutes

December 03, 2013



Closed Session:  At 8:05pm Councilman Hooper made a motion that the Council go into closed session per statute NCGS 143-318.11 (a) (5), Councilman Mau seconded, unanimously approved. 

Mayor Begley provided Council members two Attorney fee schedules for two different Attorneys to review for the Village Attorney choice.  Councilman Mau said that he had some feedback on the Attorney from Asheville and that he was opposed to voting for her and would choose to vote on retaining Attorney Moore as the Village Attorney.  Councilman Hooper as well as Councilman Corwin said that they would like another opinion.  Councilman Perlmutter noted that the hourly rate of the Asheville Attorney’s rate is considerably more and he expressed concern about her not being present at the Village meetings.  Mayor Begley said that she had spoken with the Attorney and said that her schedule does not conflict with the regularly scheduled Village meetings.    Mayor Begley said that she would like a decision so that she would know who she would be working with on Village matters.  Councilman Hooper said that he would like to table the decision until January.   Mayor Begley asked Attorney Moore to give his input.  David noted he has had no feedback from the Council regarding the job he has done for the Village and that he had reviewed the Village’s financial position and as a result had lowered his rates according to what he felt the Village could afford.  He said he did not feel that the Attorney in Asheville was needed for her specialization with what the Village is currently facing.

 At 8:40pm, Councilman Corwin made a motion that the Council come out of closed session, Councilman Perlmutter seconded, unanimously approved.


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