Forest Hills Planning Board 1-20-02

Village of Forest Hills

Planning Board Minutes

January 20, 2002



Present:  Anne Chambers, Michael Germano, Sally James, Ian Pritchard, Gene Tweedy, Mayor Jim Davis, Geoffrey Willet.


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Ian Pritchard, who was sitting in for Kolenbrander.  Approval of minutes from the December meeting was held over to the February meeting.


Mayor Davis gave a brief talk on what the Planning Board should consider as goals for the Village.  He asked the members to consider buffer areas, lights, noise level, types of businesses to be allowed, and another means of entry into the Village.


For the benefit of new members, Willet gave a 45-minute overview as to what the Planning Board responsibilities are.  The Planning Board is responsible for:


A.  Legal Framework and Limitations

B.  Planning Board Form and Function

C.  Work Planning and coordination with the City Council

D.  Questions and close. 



The above responsibilities were explained by Willet, as were how they tied in with" Dillon's Rule”.  Specifically, local government possesses and can exercise the following powers and no others:  those granted in expressed words, those fairly implied in or incident to the powers expressly granted, and those essential to the declared objectives and purposes of the corporation.


The following points were emphasized:  The Planning Board is advisory only to the Council.  It makes studies of key issues and determines how the bigger picture will be impacted.  No action can be invoked by the Council without the Planning Board's prior recommendation, through a proper debate/adoption process. The By-Laws are the Planning Board's guide for conducting business.


There were several questions.  One addressed the need for a long-term land usage plan.  Another addressed what topics are of concern before a permit can be pulled/issued by the County.  A set of long-range goals needs to be established and provided to all landowners, including ETJ, to allow more participation of all who may be concerned.


No further business was discussed.  The next meeting is scheduled for February 18.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Submitted by,

Gene Tweedy