Forest Hills Planning Board 7-15-02

Village of Forest Hills

Planning Board minutes

July 15, 2002


The Planning Board met in the new rec. facility at 7PM and chaired by Dr. Iobst .This was the first meeting of the new PB.

Members attended were
Herman Lieberman, Sally James, Gene Tweedy, John Adams, David Shapiro, and Ruth Shuler.

Dr. Iobst was representing Mayor Davis who could not be present.

We were told that the Mayor would provide the PB an agenda at the next meeting for consideration.

We were told that a speaker from
Raleigh was going to speak on Municipal Law in Aug.

We were also told to elect a Chairman ,a vice Chairman and a Sec. at the next meeting.

There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned.


Gene Tweedy

Planning Board member