Forest Hills Planning Board 3-5-02

Village of Forest hills, NC

Planning Board Minutes

Special Meeting - March 5, 2002


Present: Ian Pritchard, Gene Tweedy, Sally James, Larry Kolenbrander plus a guest representing The Summit apartments.


It was decided to postpone approval of the February 18 minutes since not all members had a chance to review them.


Discussion centered on minor editorial changes to the proposed subdivision regulations and the companion draft PUD regulations.  These will be reviewed again  when the draft zoning ordinance is developed in order to ensure consistency among the documents.  Kolenbrander will make the changes to the original digital copies of these ordinances.


The remainder of the meeting was focused on developing a draft summary table of permitted uses that will be given to Geoffrey Willett as the basis for the draft zoning ordinance.  The discussion identified 5 initial residential districts including single-family residential, single-family planned unit development, manufactured housing, multi-family low density, and multi-family higher density.  Two commercial districts were identified as commercial PUD and commercial motel.  A draft table listing permitted uses in each of these districts was then developed.  Kolenbrander will transmit this table to Willett for his use in developing the zoning ordinance.  We hope to have a draft ordinance available for the next meeting scheduled for March 18, 2002.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm


Respectfully submitted,




Larry Kolenbrander