Forest Hills Planning Board 4-15-02

Village of Forest Hills

Planning Board Minutes

April 15, 2002


Present:  John Adams, Ann Chambers, Sally James, Larry Kolenbrander, Ian Pritchard, David Shapiro; Geoffrey Willett.


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Kolenbrander; he indicated that tonight's meeting is intended to bring to closure the documents under review (Subdivision Regulations, Draft Zoning Ordinances).


Subdivision document was reviewed; all recommended changes were highlighted by Kolenbrander and Willett.


Willett indicated that on the Zoning Ordinances, p. 24, Section C is the major addition/revision to the document.  Additionally, most of Article 500 (pp. 23-25) is new.  Verbiage was revised to indicate that the Conditional Use Permit documents will be presented to the Village Zoning Administrator and then reviewed by the Planning Board.  All other changes were highlighted by Kolenbrander.


Mayor Davis is researching when these documents can be presented to the Village Council, given the requisite time for public notice.  Pritchard suggested that a copy of the documents be given to the Village attorney.  The map will be a part of the package to be adopted.


A motion to adopt the Draft Subdivision Regulations and the Draft Zoning Ordinances was presented and seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.


Willett will provide a final revised copy; Kolenbrander will adjust the zoning map.


Willett indicated that this will be his last attendance; he has other projects to attend to now that this project is completed.  His contributions were recognized; appreciation was expressed by all.


Kolenbrander will contact the Planning Board members for possible dates to present the documents to the Village Council and for dates for subsequent Planning Board meetings.


No further business was discussed.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.


Submitted by,


David Shapiro