October 2010



                                Council Meeting


Village of Forest Hills


October 5, 2010


Board Members in Attendance: Clark Corwin, Carl Hooper, Gene Tweedy, Suzanne Stone, Mayor Jim Wallace

1. Meeting called to Order:

2. Opening prayer

3. Approval of Minutes from September 7, 2010 Council Meeting (Moved, Seconded, noAdditions or corrections, Motion passed.)

4. Financial Report from Financial Officer Kolleen Begley.

A. Powell bill on budget, and new account opened.

B. Budget posted on website including monthly expenditures. (Motion to Accept andSeconded, Motion Passed.)

5. Mayor Wallace called to order a Public Hearing for the Modification of Village Ordinances

A. Village Ordinance to change the number of unrelated persons occupying a householdfrom 4 to 2 people. Discussion followed on what the plan is for issuance of provisionalpermits.

B. There was discussion on how enforcement of household size will be handled.

C. There was discussion on the “fairness” of restricting the household size and whatRon Hancock’s input was in the decision making process.

D. Discussion was verbalized that it is an infringement on home owner’s rights to determinehow they can use their property.

E. Mayor Wallace suggested that Ron Hancock be invited to the November meeting tofurther discuss his concept of “Restrictiveness”. Discussion tabled until the Novembermeeting. (Motion to Accept, Seconded, Motion Passed)

6. Mayor Wallace suggested that updates should be considered to page 39 regardingthe board  signing page of ordinance document.  (Motion to Accept and Seconded, Motion passed)

7. Discussion to change meeting date to November 9th, 2010. (Motion to Accept and Seconded,Motion passed)

8. New Business Suzanne Stone/Gerald Green City Planner will attend November 9th meetingrelated to “Mixed Land Use”

9. Professor Todd Collins “Class Survey.” Survey can be done this semester or next. The Boardwill decide what information they expect to extract from the survey. One person from the councilwill meet with Professor Collins to plan survey.

10. Resolution to Adopt a Code of Ethics will be completedonce everyone has completed theWebinar, which needs to be done by the December meeting. It is not known whether theClerk or the treasurer willneed to complete the webinar, but the window for completing it (based on original payment) closes in early December.

11. R&R Landscaping is still working and being paid for work. It is unclear whether a contract is in effector not at present.  Move made not to pay for anywork after October 4th, 2010 until written contract is in place. (Motion to accept and Seconded, Motion passed)

12. Police Patrols of the Village are random on 2 out of 3 specific days per week, with thosebeing among Tuesday, Friday or Saturday. A bill for services will be submitted on a monthly basis viaemail. Currently payment has been made for July, August and through September 11, 2010.

13. A citation has been issued for having chickens on the property of one of the Villagehouseholds. The chickens remain at household. If there is no action within 30 days, anothercitation will be issued and the animals can be removed at the offender’s expense.

14. The issue is raised regarding towing cars when there is excessive parking along the roadand what means can be used to enforce the “no parking”. No parking signs were discussed,along with locations. Having offenders cars towed was also discussed. The questions will beasked at the next planning board meeting.

15. It is requested that that the attorney be present to discuss the legalities of the above.(Motion to Adjourn, and Seconded, Meeting Adjourned) 7:55pm