Forest Hills Council Meeting 8-9-99

Minutes of the Village Council

for the Village of Forest Hills

Monday, August 9,1999

University Inn

Forest Hills, NC


Present:  Mayor Hooper, Jean Adams, Larry Kolenbrander, Harold Williford, and Jim Pearce.


Mayor Hooper reconvened the meeting to order at 6:41 p.m., following the recessed meeting on last Monday, August 2.  Mayor Hooper welcomed everyone and began the meeting by commenting on a recent opinion from Professor David Owens at the Institute of Government at Chapel Hill.


Dr. Ian Pritchard of the Village generously agreed to serve on the Planning Board, but was concerned that he might be barred because of his Canadian citizenship.  Jim Pearce spoke with Professor Owens, who indicated that neither citizenship, nor even actual residence in the Village, was necessary for service on appointed boards, such as the Planning Board.  Based on Professor Owens’ opinion, we welcomed Dr. Pritchard to the Planning Board.


Mayor Hooper then discussed the recent break-in and burglary at the Rush home on North Country Club Drive.  She and Harold Williford recently met with the Rushes to discuss the burglary, as well as to discuss what steps the Village might take to reduce the likelihood of future problems for our citizens.


Mr. And Mrs. Rush had several suggestions which they presented to Mayor, and the Mayor shared those ideas with the Council


Apparently, several other neighbors near the Rush home have experienced similar problems with various Valhalla residents, and the problems seem to be getting more serious.


After some length discussions, it was determined that a small group from the Council will attempt to meet with the owners of Valhalla to determine if there are appropriate actions or steps that could reduce the problems at the complex.


Mayor Hooper then swore in Ann Chambers, Jean Adams, and Ian Pritchard as new members of the Planning Board, which was to meet immediately after the Council.


There being no further business for the evening, Jean Adams moved that we adjourn, seconded by Larry Kolenbrander, and the Council meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

James W. Pearce, Council Member