Forest Hills Council Meeting 8-2-99

August 3, 1999

Memorandum to: Forest Hills Residents

Harold Williford
Forest Hills Village

RE: Minutes of Village Council meeting on 8/2/99

Members Present: Jean Adams, Mayor Irene Hooper, and Harold Williford.

Special Guest--Sheriff Cruzan.

1. Mayor Hooper called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM.  She welcomed Sheriff Cruzan and she mentioned that two council members were out of town and unable to attend the meeting.

2. Mayor Hooper read a letter of resignation from Chris Friesner as Village Clerk.  Council members expressed appreciation for her excellent work and accepted her resignation with regret.  The Mayor agreed to write a
letter of thanks to Ms. Friesner in recognition of her outstanding contributions. 

  Jean Adams stated that Mary Ann Budahl had agreed to become the new Village Clerk with the understanding that she be required to attend the council meetings only.  The council members unanimously agreed to approve Ms. Budahl.  Mayor Hooper was to contact her and welcome her as the new clerk.

3. The mayor read a card from the NC Powell Bill Tax Office.  The card acknowledged receipt of our Powell Bill application packet.

4. Mayor Hooper read a letter from village resident Charles Rush.  The letter described a burglary incident at his home on North Country Club Drive around 3 AM on Wednesday morning (July 28, 1999).  Because of the quick action of the Mr. and Mrs. Rush the offender was turned away.  The sheriff's office responded and arrested a young man who was found hiding on the Rush's property.

Sheriff Cruzan answered questions about the incident and about general issues of community safety.  He encouraged any citizen to report criminal activity to his office and he pledged that his office would respond as quickly as possible.  He reported on a number of situations that had occurred in the county in recent months.  These included several types of "scam" incidents, domestic violence, illegal drugs, and other crimes. 

Mr. Cruzan asked that we all be on the alert for suspicious situations and that we not hesitate to contact his office when necessary.  He mentioned that he would be happy to address a village meeting to discuss law enforcement, community watch groups, and the responsibilities of his office.  The council members present agreed to discuss such a meeting at a later date.

Mayor Hooper said she planned to get back in touch with Mr. and Mrs. Rush

5. Mayor Hooper read a note from the Jackson County Economic Development Commission asking that we name a replacement member for village representative Kelly Leonard.  The Commission letter expressed appreciation for the outstanding work which Mr. Leonard had contributed.  Village Council members also expressed their gratitude for Mr. Leonard's service. Several potential candidates were discussed and Mayor Hooper agreed to pursue the appointment of a replacement.
6. At 8:27 PM Jean Adams moved  (Williford second) that the council meeting be recessed until 6:30 PM on Monday, August 9 at the University Inn.  The motion passed without dissent.