Forest Hills Council Meeting 10-4-99

Minutes of Village of Forest Hills Council meeting   Monday, October 04, 1999

Cullowhee Valley School cafeteria,   7:00 PM


Present:  Larry Kolenbrander, Harold Williford, Jean Adams, and clerk, Mary Ann Budahl. 

Also present were six Village residents.


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by Larry Kolenbrander, Chairman of the Planning Board in the absence of Mayor, Irene Hooper.


The motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting as circulated was made by Jean Adams, and seconded by Harold Williford.  Motion passed. 


There being no formal agenda, the floor was opened up to the residents present for questions and discussion, a summary of which follows:


Who is responsible for keeping the trash picked up at the University Apartments?  The dumpsters are overflowing with trash, and dogs have been seen strewing the garbage about.

Larry Kolenbrander agreed to contact Steve Bryant, owner of the Apartments about getting another Dumpster.  He will also contact the Public Health Department if necessary.

How are Village taxes paid when the mortgagor takes care of paying taxes from an escrow fund?

All property taxes are paid to the county first, and then the Village receives its apportionment from the county.

Why does the Village have workman’s compensation insurance?

The Village is required by law to have this standard insurance policy through the North Carolina League of Municipalities which bonds council members, covers any injuries to council members while performing village business, etc. 

What was the bill from W K Dickson for?

This was for a survey of the private roads in the Village done so that Forest Hills may qualify for Powell Bill Funds.

What is being done about the proposal for state maintenance of all Village roads?

A petition is being prepared which will need to be circulated to all property owners on non-state-maintained roads for their signatures.  Jim Wallace will be requested to undertake this job with Harold Williford’s help.  Jean Adams and Mary Ann Budahl will prepare a list of all residents on non-state-maintained roads to facilitate this procedure.  Harold Williford made a motion to this effect, and Jean Adams seconded it.  Passed unanimously.

Who painted the yellow stripe down the middle of North Country Club Drive?

Nancy and Larry Kolenbrander undertook this project on Saturday, and everyone agreed it was a big improvement.  Many thanks!

Is anything being talked about regarding the best use of the land in the middle of the valley?  Has anyone approached the Planning Board about possible use? 

At present, zoning restrictions limit the space to two-acre minimum lots with a single-family dwelling unit.  However, the Planning Board is anticipating possible contact by a potential buyer, and wants to be prepared with alternative plans, such as cluster housing, etc., in order to open up space for walkways, deeded park areas, etc. No one has yet approached the Planning Board with a proposal, but the Planning Board has been soliciting ideas, plans, dreams, etc. of residents regarding possible land use.

How does a resident procure a Building Permit?

1.     Submit a sketch or a drawing to the County clerk to get a Building Certificate.

2.     Get a Compliance Certificate from Jean Adams or Larry Kolenbrander.

3.     Take that to the County Clerk for a Building Permit.

What is the status of getting a traffic light at 107?

            We are on the list and waiting our turn. 

How can we be sure that the soon-to-be-appointed Village Attorney will not have a ‘conflict of interest’ regarding any surrounding areas of the Village of Forest Hills?

The proposed candidates will be asked this question in respect to being appointed Village Attorney.  Motion that Mayor Hooper questions the two candidates, Jay Coward and Paul Holt regarding possible conflict of interest made by Harold Williford, and seconded by Jean Adams.  Passed unanimously.


There being no further questions or discussion, the motion to recess until the Planning Board convenes on Monday, October 11, 1999 by made by Harold Williford and seconded by Jean Adams at 9:15.           


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                                        Mary Ann Budahl, 

                                                                        Village Clerk