February 2006

Village of Forest Hills Council Meeting Minutes

                        Monday, February 6, 2006

                        University Inn Motel


In attendance: Mayor Davis, council members Dick Iobst, Sue Burton, Attorney David Moore, villagers Gene Tweedy, Ian Pritchard, Charlie Burton, and Roger Turk.


Mayor Davis said a short prayer.


A motion was made by Dick Iobst and seconded by Sue Burton to accept the revised December minutes and the January minutes.


The Financial Report was read by Jim Weir. 


A list is being compiled of all of the villager’s names and addresses.


There were no reports from the Planning Board or Sue Burton.


Roger Turk gave a report on the progress he has made for the beautification of the entrance to Forest Hills.  He has prepared this for no cost to the Village in hopes that when time to do; he will get the contract to complete.  His friend Mr. _________ has prepared the details for the next step in project.  This is the plan for sidewalks, gutters, storm sewers, all within the right-of-way.  Everything that the state DOT requires and all according to state specifications and regulations.  The charge for this would be $800.  He will make a presentation to the board, showing that we are in compliance with DOT regulations.  Dick made a motion and Sue seconded it and was accepted, to set aside $800 to pay for it, so that we may move forward.


Dick made a motion and Sue seconded it and was accepted that the Village of Forest Hills remain members of NCCM-Interlock Risk Management Agreement.


Sue mentioned that the security gate to the Dillard property does not lock.  Vandals have broken into the house and have removed several items.  The security people will be notified.


Media Com will be contacted as to the yellow wire that is currently hanging over the bushes by the Motel on N. Country Clue Dr.


Mr. Green is building a 5,000 sq ft house off of N. Country Club Dr.  He will use the garage to store old, refurbished cars.  He has met all village requirements to build this large house.


Dick made a motion and Sue seconded it, and was accepted, to send Betty Pressley a card expressing the Village’s condolences and heartfelt sympathies for Clarence.  Mayor Davis said that the Village had sent a very nice wreath to the funeral home and that he had attended the funeral.  Mr. Pressley was a former “Mayor” of Cullowhee and a fine figure in the Jackson County community.   He will be missed by many.


Some young people were having a gathering or a party in the middle of the golf course and had started a fire.  The fire was not completely out by the time the people left.  Gene Tweedy noticed that it was still burning and went down and put the fire out.  Thanks to him, what could have been a disaster if not noticed was averted.  Many thanks to Gene.


Ian Pritchard suggested that the board consider paving the unpaved part of South Country Club Drive at the same time as North Country Club is paved.  The matter will be looked into by the board.


A motion was made by Dick and seconded by Sue, and accepted to adjourn the meeting.