June 2006

To:                   Village of Forest Hills Council Members


From:               Janie Prentice, Clerk


Date:                June 30, 2006


Subject:            Village of Forest Hills Council Meeting Minutes

                        Monday, June 5th, 2006


In attendance: Mayor Davis, councilmen Sue Burton, Dick Iobst, financial officer Jim Weir

Villagers Evelyn Weir, Lee Budahl, Charles Burton, Angela Davis, Sylva Herald-Symantha Blanton.


Mayor Davis said a short prayer.


A new baby boy was born to Cindy and Bill Thompson-Congratulations from the Board.


Jim Weir read the financial report.  A motion was made, seconded, and accepted as amended.  Jim went over the proposed new budget and mentioned that the millage rate will remain at 1%.  An amount of money was not included in the proposed budget for the coming year for the entryway to the Village.  Jim Weir made a motion to change the amount of $20,000 to be separated into two $10,000 amounts.  A motion was made, seconded and accepted by the board to accept the amended, proposed new budget.


Roger Turk’s proposal for the entryway into the Village is “dead in the water”.  The company has not returned any of his calls. Mayor Davis said that the “The Greenway architects (Ambient Design group) wanted too much money up front for an estimate.


Sue gave the number of 236 bedrooms for students are within the Village.  The Summit has 132 bedrooms, Valhalla has 48 bedrooms, the Motel has 22 apartments, Rick Bennett has 42 bedrooms, and Elizabeth St. Johns had 12 bedrooms.  Max Holland’s places are not known at this time.


No reports were given from Irene Hooper-EDC and Gene Tweedy-Planning Board at this time.


Police Reports showed May to be a very slow month for police costs.


The court ruling regarding the Summit will be coming out around June 15th.


A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the May minutes.


Lee Budahl questioned if the police protection was worth the money the Village spends each month.  Mayor Davis and Sue Burton responded with positive responses as to the reduction of noise and minor offenses being made.  Budahl also asked how off-duty police officers were appointed and was told by the Sheriff himself.


The DOT is still pending as to when a representative would be able to come out for another meeting concerning North Country Club Drive.


The house on Virginia Lane, owned by Mrs. Judy Andrews is up for sale and it is questionable as to whether the house might be sold for student housing.  This will be further looked into by Dick Iobst. 


A motion was made, seconded, and passed to adjourn the meeting.