September 2006

To:                   Village of  Forest Hills Council Members


From:               Janie Prentice, Clerk


Date:                September 11, 2006


Subject:            Village of Forest Hills Council Meeting Minutes

                         September 11, 2006


In attendance:  Mayor Davis, councilmen, Sue Burton, Joe Rosano, Jim Wallace, financial officer, Jim Weir, attorney Andy Buckner, Villagers Kathy Clemmons, Eric Young, Dawn Young, Jane Macias, Fran Rossano, Evelyn Weir, Gene Tweedy, Migal Mais, David Shapiro, Ken Dickert.


Sue Burton said a short prayer.


The August minutes were accepted as amended.


It was noted that Dick Iobst and Charlie Burton were in the hospital and a blessing for their recovery was asked for.


Sue will send a card of sympathy to both Joe Roman and and the Rice’s who had deaths in their families.


There were no reports from the EDC, Planning Board or Sue.


A motion was made, passed and accepted, to hire someone to type a master list of all residents, their lot number of other items of information important for the Village to have on record.  Dick’s son has done a lot of work on compiling and updating this information so far.


Jim Wallace bought up the fact that the Board needs to think about how it will deal with and enforce residents who were not in compliance with Village ordnances.  It was decided to have our attorney deal with this.


Jim Weir gave the financial report.  He stated that August was a money losing month, but that happens only once a year.  A motion was made and approved to accept the report.


Jim Wallace moved to untable the water drainage ordinance situation.  A discussion followed and it was decided to retable until the next meeting.


No parking signs will be put up on Mr. Yont’s property and near the townhouses just before the University Inn.  A Stop sign will also be put up on  Pincushen Lane by the old tennis court.  Hopefully, these signs will be obeyed and help solve the problem of students parking on the road.


It was suggested that Mr. Yont should call the DOT and ask if they would put a drainage culvert along the road where water collects in the deep grooves caused by students parking on his grass.  Since it is on state maintained road, the DOT should do that.


The Ambient Design Company is reworking the drawing for the entrance to the Village.  They will make both sides of the entryway identical and symmetrical.  There will be a rock wall 4-6 feet tall on the corner of each corner with a sign on each end of wall so that they can be seen coming from each way off of  Hwy 107..  Landscaping and ornamental trees, shrubs, and a sidewalk on one side will also be added.

Jim Wallace will take drawing to the Greenway meeting and see if they could contribute any ideas into the sketch.  The plans have been submitted to DOT and Duke Power for approval and have not met with any problems. TAWSA still has to give approval.


Mr. Eric Young presented a petition to the board members regarding a problem of run-off water, silt, sediment and mud running down on to other people’s property on  South Country Club Dr., from a construction project  ( new house), in which the owners and builder are not in compliance with either the village, city or county regulations. The petition stated that the runoff has ruined the public road, endangers the drivers, and threatens the adjoining property and homes near the construction site, and has an overall general negative effect on the quality of life in the community. This has been a problem for the last year and that Mr. Young stated that he had spoken to Mayor Davis, and to both the owners of the property, during the last year to no avail.  Several of the other villagers whose property has been affected by this situation were also present and voiced their concerns about the situation.  Mr. Young presented a set of pictures to each council member so they could see the destruction and mess that has been caused.  In voicing their concern and displeasure, the petition signers request that the council enforce, immediately, the already existing village regulations or create and enforce new regulations to keep sediment contained to the construction site property.  In the future these ordinances must be enforced to keep developers and builders from practicing irresponsible and damaging effects on other homeowners land.


After much discussion, Sue Burton made a motion that, the council members had heard the concerns of the all the property owners affected by the damage, and also heard from the  property owners with whom the damage has been caused by, and after everyone shared their concerns and frustrations, the parties involved with causing the problem, have agreed to rectify the situation according to the Keener sedimentation inspection report and to fix the problems as quickly as the weather allows them to be fixed, which hopefully will be sooner than later.  The motion was accepted and passed. 


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made and seconded.