August 2006

To:                   Village of Forest Hills Council Members


From:               Janie Prentice, Clerk


Date:                August 31, 2006


Subject:            Village of Forest Hills Council Meeting Minutes

                        August 7, 2006


In attendance: Mayor Davis, Council members Sue Burton, Dick Iobst, Jim Wallace, Joe Rosano, Finance Officer Jim Weir, Attorney David Moore, villagers Evelyn Weir, Charles Burton, Lee Budahl, Trishia Davis, and Sylva Herald representative, Samantha Blanton.


The meeting was held at Mayor Davis’s house and The University Inn was undergoing refurbishing and the conference room was not available.


Mayor Davis said a short prayer.


The minutes for April 2006 were approved as amended.


The minutes for May were approved and accepted.


The minutes for July were approved and accepted as amended.


Jim Weir read the financial report.  It was discussed that the amount of $1,755.00 has been billed to the council by Ambien Design Company,  for the first draft, which includes a very preliminary drawing, for architectural and landscaping of the entrance to the Village. These were e-mailed to Mayor Davis to save money and time.  It would have cost $500 if delivered by person.  Some things were put into the draft which we did not ask for and some items were left out of preliminary draft. They will be discussed at a future meeting, and changes will be made and corrected to portray what was originally asked for.  The draft did include some regulations mandated by the DOT.  It was decided that Mayor Davis and Jim Wallace would travel to Asheville to pick up the plans to save the council money.

A motion was made to pass and accept the preliminary report.  Once a final plan is decided upon by the council, then we can put out for bid


$878.75 was paid for work performed by Coward & Hicks for attorney fees.


Sue Burton will have a meeting with her committee when WCU starts next month.


There were three reports made by the off-duty police.  A car parked in the entryway, a party at University Inn Apartments where underage students were drinking beer given to them by an of-age student.  The police arrested all offenders and took them to jail.


Mr. Steve Bryant has been ill, but will still comply with paving the driveway in front of the apartments between August 7 – 13th, 2006 by Bull Dog Paving Company.


Signs were discussed.  $9.30 for NO PARKING; $17.65 for NO PARKING-VIOLATORS WILL BE TOWED.  Prices include posts. 


D & M Towing will tow cars that are parked on the road.


Labadore Lane sign was replaced.


Joe Roman repaired the Village of Forest Hills sign that was destroyed.  Many Thanks!


Sue noticed two girls taking water samples in the creek which runs through the village, and wondered if they discovered any problems, that they could be reported to the village.


The meeting was adjourned.