January 2019

Village of Forest Hills
Council Meeting & Pubic Hearing
Tuesday, January 8, 2019 – 6:00 pm
Jackson County Rec Center, Cullowhee


The following members of the Council were present:

Mayor Kolleen Begley

Councilmember Clark Corwin

Councilmember Niall Michelsen

Councilmember Jonathan Brooks

Councilmember Jerry Rice, III


The following Non-Council members were present:

Mark Teague, J.M. Teague Engineering

Anna Sexton, J.M. Teague Engineering

Bronwyn Burleson, CPA

Diane Martinez, Village Homeowner

Ken Dickert, Ordinance Administrator


 Work Session


1. Call to order:   at 6:00 pm Mayor Begley called the work session to order. 

J.M. Teague Engineering: Anna Sexton & Mark Teague (update on project list)

Speed limit and traffic calming assessment

Landscape ordinance work with Planning Board

Analysis of current parking ordinance

Paving Contract Updates (see written recommendations)

Paving Conditions Survey – schedule of future projects 

Anna Sexton reviewed the task list with Council and updated them on the status of each item. Mark Teague reviewed the Paving Contract and provided recommended amendments to the first few paragraphs. He noted paving conditions throughout the Village and discussed areas that need to be paved and some that just need to have maintenance and those that are in good condition at this time, he recommended to have a study of road conditions every three years. Mark discussed traffic control in accordance with guidelines and said that the locations need to be more specific. Mark shared that there are some new experimental road treatments that must be approved by the Federal Government that might be beneficial in addressing the speed limit and traffic calming, he said that the new road treatment that could potentially be used in the Village is a stripe down the center lane and lane on the shoulder for biking and pedestrian use. He said that J.M. Teague would like to run the project for the Village if Council was interested in the treatment at no cost to the Village except materials. Mark said that studies on the road treatment have proven to lower speeds. 

Mayor Begley questioned the safety and benefits of the middle line and shoulder lane. Mark said that the shoulder protects pedestrians. He said that he would recommend the road treatment for NCC and SCC roads but that the treatment would not be applicable to all Village roads. 

Councilmember Corwin asked if it would be possible to contact the state to see if they would assist with the project. Mark said that the state could be contacted but typically they do not agree to assist, particularly with experimental treatments. 

Councilmember Michelsen said that the County has applied for a grant to assist with connectivity and might assist with the project. 

Council agreed to discuss the project and Mayor Begley will ask the municipal attorney to review. 

Anna discussed the Landscape and Lighting Ordinance task. Mayor Begley mentioned budgetary limitations and whether they should continue this task at this time. Councilmember Corwin said that Ben Graning could address many of the issues with landscape and lighting and that they would need verification of right-of-way footage. 

Council agreed to discuss tasks and confirm areas to continue and/or discontinue.


 Council Meeting


1. Call to order: at 7:00 pm Mayor Begley called the meeting to order. 

2. Announcements:

  1. ReminderPlease silence cell phones for meeting

  2. Home & Personal Safety Forum will be held January 15th 6p – 7:30p in the meeting room of the Jackson County Rec Center.

3.  Approval of Agenda – Councilmember Corwin made a motion to approve the agenda, Councilmember Michelsen seconded the motion, unanimously approved.

4.  Approval of Meeting Minutes – December 4, 2018 Regular Council Meeting: Councilmember Michelsen made a motion to approve the minutes; Councilmember Corwin seconded the motion, unanimously approved.

5.  Acceptance of Financial Report & Checklist for the month of December 2018: Stephanie Gibson provided copies of the Financial Report for the Council’s review. Councilmember Rice made a motion to accept the financial report; Councilmember Corwin seconded the motion, unanimously approved. Council reviewed the budget, Councilmember Corwin made a motion to reclass $3000 from contingency, moving $500 to office and administrative and $2500 to professional services in the Budget column, Councilmember Michelsen seconded the motion, unanimously approved.

6.  Public Comment/Public Hearing: Text amendment to the Cloverleaf VMU-CZ (Village Mixed Use District Ordinance-Conditional Zoning) to add the following language to Exhibit C(f) – Permitted Uses, creating (xx) Residential dwelling units which are occupied by more than two (2) unrelated persons. Mayor Begley opened the Public Hearing, no public was present, Public Hearing was closed.

7.  VOTE: Text amendment to VMU-CZ (Village Mixed Use District Ordinance-Conditional Zoning) Councilmember Corwin made a motion to accept the text amendment to Cloverleaf VMU-CZ (Village Mixed Use District Ordinance-Conditional Zoning) to add the following language to Exhibit C(f) – Permitted Uses, creating (xx) Residential dwelling units which are occupied by more than two (2) unrelated persons, Councilmember Michelsen seconded the motion, unanimously approved.

8.  Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Audit Report: Bronwyn Burleson, CPA: Bronwyn provided draft copies of the Village audit report and reviewed the report with Council.

9.  Home & Personal Safety Forum (January 15, 2019) update: Diane Martinez provided an update on the Home & Personal Safety Forum to be held on January 15th, she noted that she had been in contact with speakers including, Kim Henry with Mountain Projects, Sgt. Hollifield with the Sherriff’s Dept., Lt. Rollie James from the Sheriff’s Dept. and Village Patrol, Shelley Carrawy with the Jackson County Health Department and Ashley Hill with the Cloverleaf Development Group.

Mayor Begley suggested that Diane contact all potential speakers again to confirm their availability and to see if a computer or other equipment may be needed for any of the presentations.

10. Reports:  

  • Ordinance Violations: Ken Dickert said that the issue with the dog(s) has been taken care of. He asked that the officers that patrol the Village be notified of speeding reported on the state-maintained portion of the Village at the intersection of NCC & SCC roads. 

  • Mayor’s Report: (meetings, ordinance violations) Mayor Begley said there is nothing new to report at this time. 

  • Roads: Councilmember Rice reported that there is a culvert that needs to be unstopped, he will check with BH Graning and/or Green’s Excavating to get estimates. 

  • RPO/TAC: Councilmember Michelsen reported that the next Jackson County Planning organization and transportation advisory council (TAC) meeting is scheduled for later in January. 

  • Planning Board: Councilmember Corwin reported that the Planning Board will be refining the Landscape Ordinance particularly in Mixed-Use areas. He noted that the Chair, Paul Heckert, brought a model Light Ordinance for the planning board to review. Councilmember Corwin said he prefers the Village request assistance from the Jackson County Planning Director, Mike Poston, to assist with the writing of the Landscape and Lighting ordinance. 

  • Village Safety: Councilmember Brooks noted that there were no incidents reported and no lawful 911 calls. He shared some information about the Jackson County Citizen’s Academy he attended and will forward additional information.

11. Unfinished Business:  

  • J.M. Teague – Council discussed tasks presented and decided to continue with experimental paving treatment at this time and putting any remaining tasks on hold due to budgetary restraints.

12. New Business: Mayor Begley said that she spoke with the Jackson Co. Rec. Ctr. about meeting dates and the room was available each month except for March, June, and July. Councilmember Brooks and Stephanie will look at additional options for meeting space for those months.

13. Additional Public Comment: None

14. Adjourn: At 8:55pm, Councilmember Corwin made a motion to adjourn; Councilmember Rice seconded the motion, unanimously approved.