Special Council Meeting August 18, 2014

                                                                        COUNCIL MINUTES

                                                                        SPECIAL MEETING

                                                                 VILLAGE OF FOREST HILLS

                                                                            August 18, 2014



The special meeting of the Village of Forest Hills was held in the meeting room at the Jackson County Recreation Center in Cullowhee at 6:30pm on August 18, 2014.


The following members of the Council were present:

Mayor Kolleen Begley

Councilmember Clark Corwin

Councilmember Ron Mau

Councilmember Carl Hooper

Councilmember Dan Perlmutter


The following Non-Council members were present:

Tanner Hall, The Sylva Herald



  1. Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by Mayor Kolleen Begley.


  1. Roadwork repair quote: Discussion about a $3,000.00 quote requested and received from Jim Parker of Parker Paving to repair potholes, cracks, and crumbles on the Village-maintained portions of North Country Club Drive & South Country Club Drive: Mayor Begley explained that the quote was requested based on a detailed report provided by Councilman Perlmutter of paved roads needing maintenance. Dan Perlmutter drove the roads with Mayor Begley to note the areas, then Mayor Begley drove the roads with Jim Parker to mark the areas needing attention. Mayor Begley noted that other paving contractors contacted by Councilman Perlmutter charged more than Parker Paving because they had a further distance to travel. Further discussion from Mayor Begley and Councilman Mau about the importance of regular maintenance of ditch and culvert cleaning to ensure proper water drainage which is a preventative measure against potholes and disintegration of roads.  A motion to approve the $3,000.00 quote for roadwork repair by Parker Paving was made by Councilman Hooper, seconded by Councilman Corwin, and unanimously approved.


  2. Adjourn: At 6:45pm Councilman Hooper made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Councilman

    Mau, unanimously approved.