February 2014

February 04, 2014

The regular meeting of the Village of Forest Hills was held in the meeting room at the Jackson County Recreation Center at 6:00pm on February 04, 2014.

The following members of the Council were present:
Mayor Kolleen Begley
Councilmember Clark Corwin
Councilmember Carl Hooper
Councilmember Ron Mau
Councilmember Dan Perlmutter

The following Non-Council members were present:
David Moore, Village Attorney
Stephanie Gibson, Finance Officer/Clerk
Quinton Ellison, the Sylva Herald
Rick Cardona, Village Planning Board member

(1) Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 6:20pm by Mayor Kolleen Begley.

(2) Vote on Agenda: A motion to approve the agenda was made by Councilman Hooper, seconded by Councilman Perlmutter, and unanimously approved.

(3) Vote on increase proposed for Finance Officer/Clerk position compensation: Mayor Begley asked for a vote on the proposed increase of the Finance Officer/Clerk’s position from $300/mth. to $325/mth. and the compensation proposed for additional meetings outside the normal schedule of $100 per meeting. Councilman Hooper made a motion to accept the proposed increase for the position, seconded by Councilman Clark, unanimously approved.

(4) Approval of meeting minutes for January 07, 2014 Council meetinga motion to approve the minutes was made by Councilman Perlmutter, seconded by Councilman Hooper, unanimously approved. (Approved meeting minutes are posted on the Village website.)

(5) Financial reports for the month of January 2014Stephanie Gibson provided copies of the Financial Report for January. Revenues for the month included $21,879.37 in Taxes, $1,418.10 from Sales Tax, and $11.59 from Interest earned. Expenditures for the month included $540 for Police Protection, $435.20 for administrative fee/reimbursements, and postage, $13.20 for notices, $813.00 for NC League fee, $1467.50 in Attorney fees, $570.00 to Green’s Excavating, and $278.89 in Entrance Operating fees. As of January 31, 2014 there is $134,723.98 in the General Fund bank account and $18,626.27 in the Powell Bill bank account. A motion to accept the financial report was made by Councilman Hooper, seconded by Councilman Mau and unanimously approved.

(6) Reports:

Planning Board: Councilman Corwin; No reports, the next meeting is scheduled for February 11.

Safety: Councilman Hooper; he received reports from the Sheriff's office and there were no tickets or contacts reported. He asked for permission, if needed, to discuss the hours and times that officers patrol, he feels that they may need to be more random, Council agreed. Councilman Hooper said that he will get monthly reports from the Sheriff's office. Mayor Begley asked about marked vehicle presence.

Roads: Councilman Perlmutter; he provided a copy of a questionnaire with an attached map that he would like to distribute to the community and have it returned to him to obtain feedback on road conditions and concerns. Mayor Begley said she liked the idea of getting residents input. Mayor Begley said that Phillip Moore with the Southwestern Commission asked for a Village representative to be on their RPO (Rural Planning Organization) board. Mayor Begley suggested Councilman Perlmutter be considered since he will report monthly on roads. Councilman Mau made a motion that Councilman Perlmutter go to the Quarterly meetings with the Southwestern Commission, seconded by Councilman Corwin, unanimously approved.

Zoning: Councilman Mau; he noted that the Public Hearing for a variance request that preceded tonight’s Council meeting was the current discussion for the Zoning Board.

Mayor's Report: Mayor Begley; said that she has three Zoning maps dated 2002 and they are missing information. She will work with Councilman Mau to get an updated Zoning map from Ron Hancock who helped a previous Planning Board with that map.
Mayor Begley reported that residents are using the website, there have been feedback forms filled out, several about gunshots fired, when contacted, she called the police to investigate it further. She noted that the County as well as the Village has ordinances against discharging firearms. She also noted that three residents gave their opinion about the potential of an Events venue and they were not in favor.

(7) Public Comment: None

(8) Reschedule Rules of Procedure Council Work Session: Mayor Begley suggested that she and Councilman Corwin meet and email suggestions to members or rescheduling the meeting with Sarah Graham facilitating the meeting. Council unanimously voted to have Mayor Begley and Councilman Corwin discuss the procedures and email suggestions to the council for review/approval during the March meeting.

(9) Reappropriate excess money currently allocated to Contingency & Capital Reserve: Mayor Begley recommended that this topic be moved to the March Agenda pending further information, Council agreed.

(10) Intern: Jamie Van Pelt, WCU MPA (Master of Public Administration) 2014: Mayor Begley obtained a recommendation from WCU for an intern to assist in some project(s) for the Village of Forest Hills. A stipend may be considered by the board. Mayor Begley will invite Jamie to the February 17th joint work session planned for the Council & Planning Board. Councilman Corwin made a motion that we offer Jamie Van Pelt a position to work with the Planning Board on the charges from the Council, Councilman Hooper seconded, unanimously approved. Rick Cardona said that he and Todd Collins could meet with Jamie Van Pelt to review the position and stipend with him and get back to Mayor Begley with details to bring before the Council at the March meeting.

(11) Define items to discuss/charge Planning Board for Feb. 17th work session: Mayor Begley said that we need to define goals and priorities defined by the Council. She asked who was going to chair the joint meeting and do the Agenda. Councilman Hooper said that he feels the Council should oversee the meeting. Rick Cardona said that he feels the need to determine what the expectations of the Planning Board are and the level of independence in decision making and plans. Mayor Begley wants to add to the work session agenda that the Planning Board look at the ordinances and review what the Village will allow for the number of residents permitted for a defined Family Care home or Group home per G.S. § 168-21, 168-22, & Federal Fair Housing Act within the zoning ordinance that limits residents in R-1 to no more than 2 unrelated people. Councilman Corwin and Councilman Hooper feel this is ok to review but feel that the laws are clear as to what is allowed. Attorney Moore said that he feels that the restrictions are in need of review.

(12) Old Business: a. Define and clarify which roads are Village roads: Mayor Begley said that it needs to be clarified what are state roads and what are Village roads within the Village boundaries. Attorney Moore said that the roads have not been dedicated and in order to do that, all homeowners have to make a proclamation and the Village then accepts what responsibility it will assume. Rick Cardona asked if we could have a public meeting to try and determine what roads are Village roads and see if the community agrees. Attorney Moore said that was as good a plan as any other. Councilman Mau said that it might be better for the Intern to work on the roads project first. Rick asked about having an Engineer determine the roads. Mayor Begley said that it is the Council that determines what roads are within their boundaries and then directs the Engineer. Mayor Begley questioned why there is confusion. Mayor Begley noted that Maintenance right-of-ways are in place. Councilman Perlmutter said that there is a gentleman in Gerald Green’s office that is working on a new Map. (Council decided to add this topic to the joint meeting on February 17th.)

(13) New Business: Councilman Hooper noted that a Budget meeting needs to be scheduled. Mayor Begley said that she would add this to the March Agenda. Rick Cardona asked about notices of meetings: Mayor Begley said that they are posted on the website and any changes are also posted in the newspaper.

(14) Adjournment: At 8:00pm Councilman Perlmutter made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Councilman Corwin unanimously approved.