Forest Hills Council Meeting 4-1-02

Village of Forest Hills Council Meeting

Monday, April 1, 2002

7:00 PM

University Inn


Mayor James Davis called the regular meeting of the Forest Hills Council to order at 7:07 PM.  In attendance were Councilmen Dick Iobst and Jim Wallace, Financial officer Jim Weir, and Clerk Mary Ann Budahl.  Joe Rossano is in Florida in preparation for his daughter’s wedding; Harold Williford is attending the closing on his house.  Mayor Davis opened the meeting with a short prayer.


The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated via email and they were approved (Wallace, Iobst) unanimously.


Mayor Davis has contacted W K Dickson and Co. about the public sewer facility evaluation that was contracted for in July 2001.  The project description from the contract is as follows:  “This project consists of providing preliminary engineering services to evaluate the extension of public sewer service to all property owners located within the Village of Forest Hills corporate limits.  The objective of this work is to evaluate alternatives for making public sewer service available to residents, make recommendations on which alternative(s) to pursue and provide preliminary cost estimates for implementing the recommended improvements.  This work will serve as a master sewer routing plan, which could be used as the basis for the future design of public sewer extensions.”  The total fee not to exceed $4800.00 was included in the 2001-2002 budget.  Mayor Davis has an appointment with Curt Wright of W K Dickson on Thursday, April 11 at 10:00 AM. 


Mayor Davis has also spoken with Scott Cook of the DOT regarding the long-awaited traffic light at the corner of North Country Club Drive and Hwy 107.  Mayor Davis was assured that the light would be installed this month.  There was some discussion involving the advantage of a third lane for left turns, and whether the Village could absorb the cost of this additional lane.  Mayor Davis is also talking with Scott Cook about the feasibility of a right-turn egress off Hwy 107 and going up to the Summit Apartments. 


The semi-annual litter pick-up will be conducted on Saturday, April 20.  As usual, trash bags, vests, and gloves will be distributed at the entrance to Forest Hills at 9:00 AM.  Please try to spend even 15 or 20 minutes picking up trash along our Village roads.


The Planning Board has been working with the following documents:  draft zoning ordinance, proposed subdivision regulations, and proposed planned unit development regulations.  They have requested that the Council meet with them for a work session.  Mayor Davis will contact Larry Kolenbrander as to when they would like to meet with the Council.  The plan is to distribute hard copies of the documents to the members of the Council for the work session.  The moratorium on issuing building permits in the ETJ area is in effect until July 15, 2002.


Financial Officer Jim Weir distributed copies of the financial report for the period 7/1/01 – 3/31/02 that showed a balance of $73,962 (approximately $23,000 of this constitutes Powell Bill funds.)  The report was accepted unanimously (Wallace, Iobst.) 


Discussion of need for legal input at the Council meetings. 


Submission of proposed budget for FYE 6/30/03.  Motion to accept the proposed budget (Wallace, Iobst) passed unanimously.



Discussion pertaining to off-duty deputy patrolling the Village Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM.  Council members were asked to note the presence of the deputy and any dimunition of loud revelry.


Mayor Davis reported that Harold Williford has reluctantly resigned from the Village Council effective today, since he will be moving to Jonathan Creek, Waynesville.  His resignation was accepted (Iobst, Wallace) unanimously.  Discussion regarding a replacement to fill out the remainder of Harold’s term (through 2003.)  Several names were suggested, including that of Sue Burton, a resident from North Country Club Drive.  She was contacted and expressed agreement to serve.  Motion to appoint Sue Burton to fill Harold Williford’s unexpired term (Iobst, Wallace) passed unanimously. 


Mayor Davis reported that he had been approached by a Forest Hills resident who lives in Oak Forest as to whether they were eligible for road maintenance.  Mayor Davis will contact Larry Kolenbrander for the answer.


Council member Iobst will attend a workshop on “Rules of Procedure” to be given by Fleming Bell, Professor of Public Law and Government at UNC-Chapel Hill on Wednesday, April 3.  Dick Iobst will be reimbursed for the cost of the workshop ($20) and for his mileage to Asheville.


Jim Wallace reported that no progress has been taken yet on the right-of-way of North Country Club Drive due to personnel changes at the DOT.  He will continue to follow-up.          


Mayor Jim Davis agreed to serve as interim member representing Forest Hills on the Solid Waste Commission.


A letter regarding the Western Regional 44th Annual Sports Banquet to honor athletes, those involved in athletics, and volunteers who have helped athletes was read by Mayor Davis who then asked for names of individuals who have been prominent in these areas and should be recognized.  Clarence Pressley, a long-time promoter and supporter of student athletes was suggested.  He will be contacted by Jim Wallace about his availability to attend the banquet on May 5, 2002 at the Grove Park Inn.


Charles Rush, a resident of North Country Club Drive provided the Council with a copy of a letter he sent to Jim Kotila, owner of the Valhalla Apartments with a copy to Sheriff Cruzan asking if the street sign at Valhalla Drive could be displayed more prominently to avoid the numerous turn-arounds that occur in his driveway.  Mayor Davis will speak to Scott Cook regarding this, since this portion of the road is state maintained.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned (Iobst, Wallace) at 8:55 PM.


Mary Ann Budahl, Clerk