August 2014

AUGUST 18 2014



JANIE PRENTICE                                       NILOFER COUTURE

JAYNE BUCHANAN                                   STEVE BROWN

LEE BUDAHL                                              KEN DICKERT

CLARK CORWIN                                         KOLLEEN BEGLEY


TODD COLLINS                                          MARK TEAGUE


Meeting called to order @7:08 pm

No meetings from the July meeting as there was not enough attendance.

Review of last couple of months meetings to bring everyone up to speed due to lack of attendance. (vacations, personal matters, etc.)

Topics that were discussed:

  1. Education of planning board members.
  2. Workshop training
  3. Work session with Council members.
  4. Mission/vision statement has been finalized and accepted by council.
  5. All roads are declared to be Powell Bill eligible.All new roads must meet Powell bill standards.
  6. No further action has been taken by Chris Green on moving forward with plan for the village.

 Other discussion:

  1. Does the planning board want to revisit the single family ordinances?

Also lot sizes, parking ordinances, square feet of homes, group homes, condo/townhomes for future growth of village and revenue.

  1. Future workshop to educate members on the procedures of the meetings and an opportunity to present our input and future ideas for the village.

Clark suggested we should read over the ordinances before we have a workshop.

Janie suggested the possibility of doing a 2 session work shop on the same night as one of our regularly schedule meetings but extended the time frame.

Agreed to have a workshop at a “future” planning board meeting.

Clark will contact the proper people and see when they can be available to also attend and get back with us on a date that will work.

   3.  Guest Ken Dickert asked the planning board to consider enforcing the noise ordinance in the village as pertaining to the landlords that have tenants in the village.  Who is responsible for the tenant’s actions? Should we raise the fines?


Meeting was adjourned @ 8:30