Forest Hills Council Meeting 11-10-03

The Village of Forest Hills Council meeting

Monday, November 10, 2003

7:00 PM

Jackson County Recreation Center


The regular meeting of the Forest Hills Village Council was called to order at 7:05 PM by Mayor Jim Davis.  In attendance were Mayor Davis, Councilpersons Dick Iobst, Jim Wallace, Joe Rossano and Sue Burton; Financial officer Jim Weir; Attorney Jay Coward; Village Clerk Mary Ann Budahl; Ms. Cary, a reporter from the “Sylva Herald”, and several Village residents.


Mayor Davis opened the meeting with a short prayer, and presented the minutes of the last meeting.  Councilperson Sue Burton stated that Rick Bennett had only one partner, and did not represent a group of investors as was stated in the minutes.  The minutes were then approved as corrected. (Burton, Wallace)


Joe Rossano, Chair of the Task Force for the Library distributed a questionnaire to all in attendance.  He stated that the Task Force was interested in getting as much input from the citizens of Jackson County as possible regarding the proposed plan to move the library to the SCC campus.  There will be a public hearing on November 17 to give the citizens a chance to speak.


Sue Burton who is forming a liaison group from WCU described her new committee which will meet quarterly. It will be composed of the following:  Jane Dunford, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs; Angela Murray, a senior at WCU; James Smith, a WCU student who lives in one of the townhouses; Mr. Rick Bennett who will represent the landlords; and Sue Burton who will represent the Village.  They will meet quarterly with their first meeting to be in November, 2003.  Attorney Coward pointed out that the meetings should be public and well-publicized.  He also pointed out that there should be a minimum of four meetings per year.


Herman Lieberman representing the Planning Board, announced that the Planning Board would continue to consist of seven members, and that Sue Burton will act as liaison to the Planning Board.


Jim Wallace stated that the Greenway Committee met recently, but he did not have any progress to report.


Jim Weir arrived late and so he gave his financial report at this time.  He described this a as slow month with the biggest expenditure being police protection.  The Powell Bill money has been used for the most part to build the North and South connector road.  The audit is also “in the works” at this time.  The report was accepted unanimously (Iobst, Rossano).


The situation involving Ron Stephens and the Jeep was then addressed.  Jim Wallace moved that the Council adjourn to a closed session to discuss this.  There was no second to the motion.  Sue Burton read a letter dated September 24, 2003 from Ron stating that what he wanted from the Council at this time is a letter stating that the Village will provide financial support for any legal action taken against him in the future.  If the Village agrees to this, he will drop his request for reimbursement of the repairs.  A copy of his letter is attached.  Motion to take this letter under advisement and to discuss it at the next meeting (Rossano, Iobst).  Discussion and clarification by Attorney Coward of what is meant by a “closed session”.  The motion passed unanimously.


Motion to table the proposed Zoning Ordinances until the January, 2004 meeting to allow for more thoughtful discussion (Burton, Wallace). 


The Annual Holiday Gala will be held hopefully on the fourteenth of December to be determined when the Recreation Center is available.  Jim Davis will check with the Recreation Department.


Attorney Coward will continue to make contact with the Department of Transportation regarding the maintenance of North and South Country Club Drives.


Mary Ann Budahl submitted her letter of resignation as Clerk of the Village of Forest Hills to become effective on December 31, 2003.  She stated that she has been the Clerk since September 13, 1999 and has derived much pleasure and satisfaction from serving the Village in this capacity; but now feels that she is ready to pass the job on to someone else.  Motion to regretfully accept her letter of resignation and to commend her on four years of faithful service to the community passed (Iobst, Wallace). Mayor Davis then turned to the matter of replacing her and the Council was asked to think about possible candidates for the position of Village Clerk.  Mary Ann has agreed to work on the Village webpage in the future; however, a student who has knowledge of designing websites may be willing to take on the job of the initial design.  Joe Roman has been in contact with this student.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.  (Wallace, Iobst).


Mary Ann Budahl