Forest Hills Council Meeting 9-1-03



Village of Forest Hills 

Council Meeting

Monday, September 1, 2003

802 S Country Club Drive

(Mayor Davis’ Residence)


The regular meeting of the Council of the Village of Forest Hills was called to order at 7:10 PM by Mayor James Davis.  In attendance were Mayor Davis; Former Mayor Irene Hooper; Councilpersons Sue Burton, James Wallace, Joe Rossano, and Dick Iobst; Sylva Herald Reporter Rose Hooper; Village Clerk Mary Ann Budahl; Financial Officer Jim Weir; and several Village residents.  Mayor Davis said a short prayer to give thanks and to ask for guidance in running the affairs of the Village.  The minutes of the preceding meeting were accepted unanimously by the members of the Council (Burton, Wallace).


James Weir presented the Financial Report and made a few comments:  The largest expenditures for the month were $4022 (the remainder of the Powell Bill funds) in partial payment for the North-South Connector; police protection was $540, and attorney fees of $600.  In discussing the attorney’s fee, it was pointed out that although Attorney Coward does not attend every meeting, he has met at other times with Mayor Davis and the Council members.  Mr.. Weir presented these figures which appeared on the tax roll from Jackson County:  the “golf course” land is assessed at $930,000; the University Inn is assessed at $1,300,000; most of the homes in Forest Hills are assessed between $100,000 and $250,000.  Jim pointed out the seeming inconsistency of these figures.  Dick Iobst said that all the property in Jackson County will be reappraised in 2004.  Jim Weir promised to look into this further. 


Some discussion ensued regarding the police protection and it was decided to keep the number of nights patrolled at two random nights per week.  The financial report was accepted unanimously (Iobst, Burton).


Former Mayor Irene Hooper was recently presented with the prestigious award “Women to Match Our Mountains” and she was congratulated by all. 


Jim Wallace reported that the Greenway Commission is dealing primarily with the Scott’s Creek project. 


Gene Tweedy reported that Dick Iobst and Sue Burton attended the last Planning Board meeting.  The Planning Board is making progress with their project to publish a periodic Village Newsletter.  They are compiling a list of Village residents and friends.  Joe Rossano agreed to be the Council liaison to the Newsletter so that Council proceedings can be included.  The Planning Board estimates an expenditure of approximately $100. 


Jim Weir pointed out that $400. has been budgeted for the Planning Board.  Mayor Davis will contact the McFalls Company to obtain a measurement of the new Connector Road so it can be added to the Powell Bill funds request. 


Councilman Iobst pointed out there are some areas along North Country Club Drive that have low-overhanging branches that have become a safety hazard to motorists.  Gene Tweedy reported that a “butcher-blade” approach to clearing these rights-of-way would cost the Village around $2000; a more aesthetic approach would cost around $5000.  There was considerable discussion regarding this item.  Motion to appropriate $2000 for the clearing of all of the overhanging branches on North Country Club Drive (Iobst, Rossano).  It was pointed out that ad valorem tax money would be used for this project, since Powell Bill funds have been exhausted.  The vote was as follows:  yes – Joe Rossano, Dick Iobst; no – Jim Wallace; abstain – Sue Burton.  Councilperson Burton suggested that all of the property-owners in the Village be made aware of the danger of road conditions with such overhanging branches and be given the opportunity to prune their own trees and bushes.


Mayor Davis will meet with Attorney Coward to discuss, among other things, the Village making a declaration of acceptance for those parts of North and South Country Club Drives which are not maintained by State funds as discussed on February 3, 2003.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:06 PM by unanimous vote.  (Iobst, Wallace)


Mary Ann Budahl, Clerk