Forest Hills Council Meeting 8-4-03

Council Meeting

Monday, August 4, 2003

Jackson County Recreation Center


The regular meeting of the Council of Forest Hills was called to order by Mayor Jim Davis at 7:10 PM.  In attendance were Mayor Jim Davis; Councilpersons Jim Wallace, Sue Burton, Dick Iobst, and Joe Rossano; Former Mayor Irene Hooper; Financial Officer Jim Weir; Clerk Mary Ann Budahl; and five guests and Village residents.  Mayor Davis opened the meeting with a brief prayer.


The minutes of the July meeting were unanimously accepted (Wallace, Rossano).  There was a correction to the May, 2003 minutes, however; namely that in the fourth paragraph on the first page, it should have read “the police were on the scene after approximately one hour.”  The minutes were then accepted unanimously as amended (Iobst, Wallace).


Jim Weir presented the financial report which showed a balance of $65,472, of which Powell Bill funds totaled approximately $4000.  The report was accepted unanimously (Iobst, Burton).


Special guests David Bates and Jim Dukes of the Greenways Commission were introduced by Jim Wallace.   Jim Dukes, Chairman of the Greenways Commission announced that a recent grant had been approved for a greenway to connect the intersection of North Country Club Drive and Hwy 107 to the back side of Cullowhee Valley School.  It will consist of a 10-foot wide asphalt path for foot traffic and all non-motorized vehicles.  David Bates is attending tonight’s meeting to answer questions about the greenways, and to gather ideas to include in the Greenways Master Plan.  He stated that the key to the Greenway Plan is “interconnectivity”, and is to be thought of as a “linear park.”  He welcomed input from not only the Council, but from all the citizens of Jackson County.  His phone number is 828/743-9043, or he can be reached by email at 


Former Mayor Irene Hooper reported that she had attended a meeting of the EDC at which the DOT gave a summary of all of the immediate road projects in Jackson County.  North and South County Club Drives were not included; however, Ms. Hooper asked the DOT representative to research this long-standing project.


There was a brief discussion of the proposed bypass roads.  Residents are urged to educate themselves about the two proposed routes and whether they are indeed necessary.  The Smart Roads Committee’s next meeting will be held at the Jackson County Justice Center on August 26.   


Gene Tweedy, representing the Planning Board read a statement that had been prepared by the Planning Board regarding the shortage of time allotted for discussion of issues before the Planning Board, and asked that they obtain permission to hold additional meetings for such work.  Joe Rossano suggested that they appoint committees consisting of a limited number of Planning Board members for the purpose of discussing specific issues.   Joe Rossano suggested that Council members serve on Planning Board committees.


The Planning Board also asked for Council’s support financially, as well as for help in drafting the contents of a community newsletter.  There was overwhelming interest and support voiced for this project by the members of the Council.  Another issue they addressed was the limited staff and space to administer some of the proposed ordinances.  The Planning Board noted the omission of the discharge of fire arms from the proposed Noise Ordinance.  The Planning Board would like to canvass the residents of Forest Hills to get their input as to the necessity of certain ordinances.  They feel that some of the proposed ordinances may be so specific as to be restrictive to our residents.   


Motion made by Dick Iobst that the Council give the Planning Board six months to come up with a viable solution to the ordinances that the Council has given them to review.  Motion to accept the Planning Board’s report by the Council as a point of information, and more time will be allotted to the Planning Board for further deliberation.  Passed.  (Iobst, Wallace).


Gene Tweedy presented three bids that he received for the connector-road project:  Phillips Excavating - $17,000; James Hoxit - $8,200; and McFalls Excavating - $11,585.  After considerable discussion, a motion to authorize Gene Tweedy to accept the bid of Mc Falls Excavating after clarification of the crossed out areas on the submitted bid was passed unanimously (Wallace, Iobst).  Gene Tweedy has agreed to oversee the construction project with the help of Joe Rossano. 


A motion to table the matter of a drainage problem near the Doug Davis property on North Country Club Drive passed unanimously (Iobst, Wallace).


Motion to adjourn passed unanimously (Iobst, Burton).


The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM.


Mary Ann Budahl