Next Meeting Agenda



     Regular Council Meeting    

 Tuesday, August 06, 2024

         7:00 P.M. @ Village Assembly Hall, Cullowhee NC 


  1. Call to order: Mayor Almond
  2. Announcements:  Reminder – please silence cell phones for meeting 
  3. Approval of Agenda: 
  4. Approval of Meeting Minutes:  June 2024 Regular Council Meeting  
  5. Acceptance of Financial Report & Checklist for the month of June 2024:  Stephanie Gibson, Finance Officer 
  6. NC Class:  Investment Services Director:  Discussion about resolution approved by Forest Council to join NC Class government investment cooperative.
  7. Public Comment:
  8. Reports
  • Mayor’s Report:  Marcia Almond
  • Roads: Larry Ingersoll
  • RPO/TAC:  Marcia Almond
  • Planning Board/Summary report: 
  • Village Safety:  Nilofer Couture
  1. New Business:

   10. Unfinished Business:  

  • Road projects follow up
  • Update on Prospect Commercial Space
  • Update on Grants

   11.  Additional Comments: 

   12.  Adjourn: