September Minutes-2005

The Village of Forest Hills Council Meeting Minutes

                        Monday, September 12, 2005

                        University Inn Motel


In attendance:  Mayor Davis, council persons Sue Burton, Jim Wallace, Joe Rossano, Dick Iobst, Attorney Jay Coward,  Evelyn and Jim Weir, Betty and Gene Tweedy, Savanna , from Sylva Herald, Maggie Blyth-Mediacom, Kendall and Linda Dickert.


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Davis.  He welcomed all present and led the group in a short prayer.


The financial report was read by Jim Weir.  The Village has a cash balance of $58,000 as of August 31, 2005.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the report.


Sue Burton reported that she is working on getting representatives from all the apartment complexes, which include  Rick Bennett’s rentals, Valhalla, Elizabeth St. John’s rentals, Max Holland rentals, The Summit, The University Inn Apartments.  She will also have a meeting with WCU in the beginning of October.  Jim Wallace reported that the Greenway project is moving, but slowly.


Maggie Blyth, of Mediacom Cable Company, was there to discuss and explain the contract that was given to the council members last month explaining the renewal of the North Carolina franchise agreements with the Village.  They will reimburse the Village for using our telephone poles to run their cable lines so that residents may have cable service if desired.  Federal law makes them comply with the regulation to do so.  5% of the gross receipts from franchise fees will be returned to the Village.  The contract is basically the same for all the municipalities within our region.


Under federal law, each municipality has to agree to a contract.  All entertainment, such as Cable Companies, DISH Satellite Companies, theaters, etc. will be taxed.  There will be a 7% sales tax, and a 5% franchise fee.  The Council has 30 days to review the contract and must have two votes to accept the contract.  A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept this as the first vote.


In old business discussed, road work approved in the August meeting, will initiated next week.  Ron Stephens gave his approval for the Village to maintain his easement. The DOT needs to communicate with Roger Turk on the entryway to the Village.


Mayor Davis reported that we have an opportunity to apply for, along with other municipalities, a sum of $20,000 grant money.  We would like to utilize the money if awarded, to build and enhance our entryway into the neighborhood. The grant will be awarded in January 2006.


It was discussed whether the County or State DNR should handle the situation with Chris Williams.  Reports from Jackson County Environmental Control, and erosion and sedimentation, were given to the Council, and  to Mr. Williams, regarding problems caused by his dozer work, pulling a driveway to his lot.


The DOT has reflaged all the property on North Country Club Drive to see about taking over the maintenance of the road.  That is what all the orange circles on the road are for.  Every property owner will be asked if they give permission and if anyone does not, the council will know who did not.  If DOT takes over the maintenance, it will enhance every property owners’ value. 


It was noted that the University Inn Apartment’s (not motel) grass needs to be mowed and is very unsightly, and that the place needs to comply with the Village ordinance concerning parking.


A problem with water runoff from Ridge Top to Ridge Top on both North and South Country Club roads was discussed.  It was decided that our plans for land use, zoning and ordinances for sediment erosion etc, must be in place before any moratoriums can be exercised on new building.  The Planning Board will be invited to present their plans on such, at next month’s meeting.


 At the urging of Mr. Ashley, Forest Hill Estates secretary, it was decided to spend $500 to remove the speed bumps on their road, and to clean out and grate the ditch on the right side of the road going up, to keep water runoff from running down the road and freezing in the winter, creating a very slippery and dangerous situation.  A motion was made, seconded and accepted to spend the $500 it would take to remedy the problem.


A motion was made, seconded, and accepted to adjourn the meeting.