February Minutes-2005




FEBRUARY 7, 2005



Mayor Jim Davis called the regular meeting of the Village of Forest Hills Council to order at approximately 7:00 p.m. on Monday, February 7, 2005 at the Jackson County Recreation Center in Cullowhee.


Council Members Present:                    Jim Davis, Sue Burton, Richard Iobst, Joe Rossano

                                                            and Jim Wallace.

Others present:                                     Ruth Roman, Gene Tweedy, Charles Burton, Lee Budahl, Evelyn and Jim Weir, Mat Mahar, Ann Melton, Cary King of the Sylva Herald and Charlie Bauder of radio station WRGC.


After Mayor Davis gave a short prayer, he called for a motion to approve the January 3,

2005 minutes as submitted.  Dick Iobst motioned to approve the January 3, 2005 minutes

as submitted, Jim Wallace seconded, there was no discussion and the motion passed



Second item of business was the swearing in of Lee Budahl as a member of the Zoning

Board of Adjustments.  Dr. Budahl received the oath of office from Ann Melton, Clerk of

Superior Court, Sylva, Jackson County Registry, North Carolina.  The signed oath will be

made part of the Village of Forest Hills records..


Mayor Davis called for the following committee reports:


            FINANCE:                 Jim Weir presented the council with copies of the June 30,

2004 Auditors’ Report for their review. He explained that he had just recently been given

the report and asked the council to review it and save questions for the next meeting.  He

continued his report by stating that January was a terrific month for revenue as the village

had collected $11,493 in taxes and $100 in a donation.  Expenditures were low at $684 

giving the village $10,909 in revenue for the month of January.  Total cash on hand year

to date is at $63,968.  It is Mr. Weir’s opinion that the Village is in pretty good shape, but

that all depends on what will happen with the Summit situation.  He predicts that the

Village will collect approximately $4,000 more in tax revenue in the next five months.. 

Dick Iobst motioned to accept the financial report as submitted, Jim Wallace seconded. 

Discussion  followed which clarified the expenditure of Powell Bill funds.  Mr. Weir

explained that all Powell Bill money has been used and that expenditures over the amount

of the Powell Bill funds have to come out of the regular budget and to-date

approximately $17,000 of budgeted money has been spent on street maintenance and

improvements, and that future expenditure during this fiscal period will have to come out

budgeted money because Powell Bill funds will not be granted again until the next fiscal

year.  Motion to accept the financial report was unanimously approved.





            EDC :              No report.


            PLANNING BOARD:            Mr. Tweedy reported that the Planning Board will

be meeting Monday, February 21st.  He stated that progress has been made, and hopes to

be able to present something to the council soon after that meeting.


            WCU LIAISON:         Mrs. Burton reported that the student representative on the

committee graduated in December, and she has to replace her.  Ms. Burton went on to

report that at the last meeting of 2004, the committee thought that all landlords should be

included. Mrs. Burton will be working together with WCU in this effort.


            HAZARD MITIGATION PROGRAM:           Mr. Rossano reported that Jackson

County has submitted to the state for approval a Hazard Mitigation Program which

involves the entire county of Jackson as well as the individual municipalities of Sylva,

Forest Hills, Dillsboro and Webster who have been working on the plan for the better part

of a year and a half.  The plan serves as a formal policy of procedures to follow in the

case of a disaster or a state of emergency that may affect Jackson County and its

municipalities.  Mr. Rossano, upon the request of Mr. Mike Ensley of the Department of

Emergency Management, presented the plan to the Council for their approval and

adoption.  Dr. Wallace motioned to approve/adopt the plan, motion failed for lack of a

second.  After a short discussion of Dr. Iobst and Mrs. Burton’s concern to review the

plan, Joe Rossano motioned to approve the plan pending the review and approval of plan

by Dr. Iobst and Mrs. Burton, Dr. Wallace seconded, all approved. 




1.)  Signs:  Mayor Davis reported on the number and type of signs needed within the

village.  All agreed that stop signs should be installed at the KA house road and N.

Country Club, and also at S. Country Club and Oak Forest Rd.  There was no firm

decision as to additional number of stop signs or to the number of no parking and no

litter signs to be installed, study will be given to this and report made at next meeting.


2.)  Entrance:  Dr. Wallace reported that Mr. Roger Turk has informed him that a couple of projects have come before the Village and it will be no sooner than the end of February and no later than the end of March before he can get to the Village project.




1.)  Dr. Matt Mahar was recognized to speak to the council by Mayor Davis.  Dr. Mahar presented a proposal to the Council that they consider a request for a zoning variance for him to build a professional building, containing roughly 6,200 sq. ft. at the corner of Lyle Wilson Road and Freedom Drive.  After a brief discussion, Council members stated that




they were not adverse to the idea, but would have to speak to other property owners in the area involved before they could consider his request.  Decision was to present this request

to the adjoining property owners that might be impacted and get their reaction and then get back with Dr. Mahar.  Mayor Davis, Jim Wallace, and Joe Rossano will head this effort.


2.)  Litter:, Mayor Davis announced that a statewide litter sweep will take place April 16 through the 30th.  Consensus of the Council was to announce at the March meeting the date for the Village litter sweep.


3.)  Non-Compliance to Ordinance:  Dr. Iobst reported that he has contacted Mr. Hart Goodson regarding the deplorable condition of the premises of a house that Mr. Goodson rents to Mr. Mike Davis.  Mr. Goodson is in the process of filing eviction notice to Mr. Davis and promises that within two to three weeks it will be cleaned.  Mr. Davis’ whereabouts are not known.


4.)  Greenway Commission:  Dr. Wallace reported that Mr. David Bates, representing the Greenway Commission, was unable to be at this meeting due to illness.  However, Mr. Bates advised that in order for the Village to be included in the Greenway System the Village would have to submit a project and a plan..  There is some idea for a walking trail system as there is a logging road that encircles the entire valley.  There is a possibility that the trail could connect to WCU at the entrance to Forest Hills, this is not a certainty.  There are funds available, however a plan needs to be developed first in order to get the funding; there is thought that the entrance could be tied into the plan.  Consensus of the board was to give serious thought to the Greenway System and relay ideas to Dr. Wallace and report back at the March meeting.


5.)  DOT Survey:  Mayor Davis reported that Dr. Wallace has agreed to again work toward getting the DOT to take over the Village roads for the end result of having them state maintained.  Mayor Davis asked for volunteers to assist Dr. Wallace in this task that would include canvassing.  Dr. Iobst and Mr. Rossano volunteered to assist.


6.)  Zoning Board of Adjustment Workshop:  Dr. Iobst reported that he and Dr. Budahl

attended a workshop on January 11, and the workshop filled the gap in the knowledge of

how to run things within the Village.


There being no further business, Mayor Davis requested a motion to adjourn the meeting. 

Dick Iobst motioned to adjourn, Jim Wallace seconded, there was no discussion, all

approved.  The meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by:



Ruth Roman, Village Clerk