October Minutes-2005



Subject: The Village of Forest Hills Council Meeting Minutes

                        Monday, October 5, 2005

                        University Inn Motel


In attendance: Jim Wallace, Sue Burton, Dick Yobst (absent), Joe Rosano (absent) Attorney Jay Coward.  Village residents Evelyn and Jim Weir, Irene Hooper, Gene Tweedy, Maggie Blythe-Mediacom.


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Davis.  He welcomed all present and led the group in a short prayer.


Mayor Davis asked if we had a quorum since two council members were absent, and attorney Coward said that we did.


The September minutes were accepted as amended.(changes embolded) The council will accept this as the first reading concerning contract with Media-com.  7% sales tax imposed, of which Village will receive 5% as franchise fee to offset the sales tax.    will give the right-of-way to the NCDOT.


Jim Weir gave financial report and a motion was made and seconded to accept the report.


Irene Hooper, secretary of the EDC, stated that the EDC requires  the Village council’s approval  for the amount of $62,588 be set aside  for an audit.  They are planning on doing a fact sheet of services available in Jackson County.  There will be an open meeting where a marketing research company will show how and where citizens shop and what they shop for.  This information will help store owners with their marketing plans.


Irene also told the committee that the EDC wanted to amend the By-Laws to have two Co-Chairs instead of a single chair to head up the EDC.  A motion was made and accepted to amend the by-laws.


Maggie Blythe from Media-com was present and needed the council’s second approval for a franchise contract to be granted.  A motion was made and seconded to approve for the second time, the second reading for the  franchise agreement contract with Media-com for the next ten years.


The Sheriff’s Department incidence report was read.  There were three complaints against the Summit and two against Valhalla complex. 


Mayor Davis stated that he will submit a grant requesting monies to be used to improve the entrance to Forest Hills.  He would like to see the Village be recognized as a municipality. 


Work is in process on the water problem.  The electric department and cable company will be contacted about purpose of long orange cord on NCC across from swimming pool.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.