April Minutes-2005



APRIL 4, 2005




Council Members Present:                    Jim Davis, Sue Burton, Richard Iobst, Joe Rossano

                                                            and Jim Wallace


Others Present:                                     Jay Coward, Charlie Burton, Cary King, Ruth Roman, Gene Tweedy, Jim Weir


After offering a prayer, Mayor Davis called the meting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m.

on Monday, April 4, 2005 at the Jackson County Recreation Center in Cullowhee.  He called

for a motion to approve the minutes of the March 7, 2005 council meeting.  Motion was

made/seconded and unanimous to approve the minutes as submitted (Iobst/Wallace).


Mayor Davis called for the following committee reports:


1.         FINANCE:      Jim Weir requested approval to make a bookkeeping adjustment in

order to balance the budget, which will involve a transfer from the fund balance of $21,000.

Motion was made a seconded and unanimously approved to approve the fund transfer

(Rossano/Wallace).  Cash on hand is at $61,900 with $18,000 of this being Powell Bill funds. 

A motion to accept the financial report was unanimously approved (Burton/Iobst).

2.         LIAISON COMMITTEE:        No report.

3.         EDC:    No report.

4.         PLANNING:   No report.

5.         GREENWAY COMMITTEE:    Jim Wallace reported that David Bates with the

Greenway Commission was scheduled to speak at this meeting but has had to reschedule, and

will speak at the May meeting.


Under Old Business:


             Mayor Davis announced:

            1.  That the Litter Sweep date is Saturday, April 23, 2005 with a rain date of

            Saturday, April 30.

2.      That the Multi-jurisdictional meeting is rescheduled for Tuesday, May 4 at 6 p.m.

at Jackson County Commissioners’ chambers, and that this meeting is a biannual meeting where county managers and town leaders get together to inform each other what is happening.


            Dick Iobst reported:

1.      That he sent a letter to Dr. Matt Mahar regarding the sentiments of the residents

that live in the vicinity of his proposed medical clinic (Lyle Wilson Road at Hwy 107) i.e. that they overwhelmingly oppose such a facility and want to keep the area completely residential.  Note:  Thus, Dr. Mahar’s request for a variance is not approved.




Village of Forest Hills

Council Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2005

Page Two



2.      That he has granted a variance via letter to Mr. and Mrs. Todd Raleigh’s

request to split the property they are purchasing from Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wilson into one acre lots to establish a single-family dwelling on each lot.


Under Miscellaneous Business:


·        Discussion ensued regarding police coverage of the Village.  There is suspicious

activity going on around and below the Freezner’s road where a lot of cars go in and out, the

Mayor will report this to the Sheriff.  Also there are complaints regarding the tenants at one

of the rentals owned by Mr. Bennett; Dick Iobst will send, via certified mail, a copy of the

ordinance to the landlord with the hope of resolving this problem.  Procedures for reporting

disturbances were discussed with no firm procedure established.  This item was tabled to

give Jim Davis time check out other avenues.


·        Mayor Davis reported that there is a bill in the General Assembly that if passed

will restrict a town’s right to annex or to ETJ, he suggested that if anyone would like to read

about this bill that he has the information and would be happy to share it.  He also asked

everyone to contact their state representative and senator to let them know that it is not a

good bill.

·        The Mayor, for information purposes, read an article from the NCLM where the

NC Rural Economic Development released findings of a yearlong resource study that indicates

by the year 2030 the state will face $15 billion in water and sewer needs, and the study

indicates that one in four systems in the state will be tapped out in five years.  Discussion

ensued regarding land laws, water shed laws, etc. and how to get the county government to



·        It is the Mayor’s understanding that the infrastructure (water and sewer) in

Jackson County is approaching its limits at the present time and nothing will be done until it can

be expanded.


Dick Iobst, citing GS 143318.11 governing closed sessions, motioned to go into closed

session with the attorney for the purpose of discussing pending litigation between the Village

of Forest Hills and The Summit Apartments, motion was seconded (Wallace) and was passed



The regular session was reconvened at approximately 8:55 p.m.  Motion was made, seconded

and unanimous to continue the closed session on Thursday, April 14, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. at the

Jackson County Recreation Center or the Mayor’s home, whichever is available at the time. 



Respectfully submitted by:


Ruth Roman, Town Clerk