Forest Hills Council Meeting 9-13-04



SEPTEMBER 13, 2004 

Mayor Jim Davis called the regular meeting of the Village of Forest Hills Council to order at 7:08 p.m. on Monday, September 13, 2004 at the Jackson County Recreation Center in Cullowhee.

 Council Members Present:                  Jim Davis, Sue Burton, Jim Davis, Richard Iobst, and Joe Rossano

Council Members Absent:                  Jim Wallace

Others Present:                                   Jay Coward, Attorney; Ruth Roman, Town Clerk

                                                            Evelyn Rooks-Weir, Assistant Clerk; Gene Tweedy,

                                                            Planning Board Member;  Resident, Charlie Burton.

 After a short prayer, Mayor Davis called for a motion to approve the August 2, 2004 Council Minutes as submitted.  Dick Iobst motioned to approve the August 2, 2004 minutes as submitted, the motion was seconded, and there was no discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

 Mayor Davis called on the following committee reports:

Finance:      Mayor Davis reported on finances, in the absence of Finance Officer, Jim Weir.  He reported that as of August 31, 2004 the village has $73,242 cash on hand, with approximately $2,000 of that being in Powell Bill monies, and that the Village is expected to receive approximately $9,000 or more in additional Powell Bill money in October.  Expenditures for July and August were more than revenue, all being a matter of timing. Mayor Davis called for a motion to receive the Financial Report as submitted.  Sue Burton motioned to receive, Dick Iobst made the second, there was no discussion, motion passed unanimously.

ROAD IMPROVEMENTS:    Gene Tweedy reported that he is now in possession of equipment for striping the road.  Agreement was reached to wait until the roads are paved, and the Mayor will look into the possibility of the state striping the road.

LIAISON COMMITTEE:  Mrs. Sue Burton reported that at a meeting on August 31st, with representatives from WCU and a Rental Unit, she handed out copies of the amendments to the Village Zoning Ordinances.  The Committee resolved to better inform landlords and students tenants of the Village Zoning Ordinances and Amendments by way of mailing a copy of the Zoning Ordinance and Amendments to each landlord, and to inform students by way of a newsletter that would:

1.     Welcome former and new students to the Village,

2.     Remind them that they are living in a town with Zoning Ordinances,

3.     Give them a consolidated version of the Zoning Ordinances,

4.     Give them Village Web page information.

The Committee further resolved to continue on into the future, and to include on the committee, a student and landlord from each of the rental apartment buildings in order to have more discussion and feed back.

It was noted that the Mayor met with the Sheriff’s Department in order to provide them with a copy of the Village Zoning Ordinances and amendments to better inform them of the Village rules and regulations for enforcement.

Mrs. Burton is to consolidate the zoning amendments, and Mayor Davis is to provide the student welcome statement for Mrs. Roman to include in the October newsletter.


The Council agreed to include October 9 at 9: 00 a.m. in the newsletter as the date and time for the Litter Sweep for the village.

 Mayor Davis asked for a motion to table the agenda item #4 regarding Forest Hills Estate Road drainage that was on the agenda at the request of Jim Wallace, who was absent.  Mr. Iobst motioned to table Agenda Item #4 until Mr. Wallace is back, motion was seconded by Mrs. Burton, there was no discussion, motion passed unanimously.

 Mayor Davis reported that tree trimming along the main power lines will be done soon by sub-contractors for WCU Electric Resale Department, and that if this is done as it has been done in the past, residents may prefer to do it on their own, if possible, because the sub-contractors can be brutal in their trimming.  Mayor Davis has requested that the sub-contractors pick up the trimmings, but there were no promises.  Mayor Davis requested Mrs. Roman to include this item in the newsletter, if, by the time the newsletter is ready, the trimming has not been done.

 The Mayor reported, under old business, that he has a signed paving contract with Bear Track Paving, total cost of $30,000, this will take care of five areas in the village along with re-grading, sloping and crushed stone on the connecter road.  Consensus was to have the pavers wait until after the hurricane (Ivan) to begin the paving.  The Murray driveway was discussed and

 It was noted that student tenants in the A frame unit had a party where students in approximately 75 cars parked all along the area that had just been re-graded and ditched which caused the sides to cave in, and also damaged one of the contractor’s signs.  Mayor Davis made the landlord, Mr. Bennett, aware of this incident.  Mr. Bennett promised to get the students to pay for the damages.  Mr. Bennett also said he is going to Chancellor Bardo, to speak with him about taking a more responsible role with the students that he is taking in at WCU.  The Mayor will follow-up with Chancellor Bardo in this regard, and he reported that a meeting is scheduled at WCU on September 20 regarding the Alcoholic Environmental Study that is attempting to make students aware that their actions effect more than them, like surrounding neighborhoods and is funded by Chapel Hill. 

Discussion ensued regarding the problems the Village is having with police enforcement, and what can be done about it, possibly through Chancellor Bardo with campus police.  An idea of getting legislative support through our NC Representative, Phil Haire, to introduce a bill making all members of the state university systems, all campuses, accountable for their students, whether they live on or off campus.

 Continuing with the paving item, Mrs. Burton reported that Mr. Murray, resident on North Country Club Drive, has requested that the area of road be paved from the water tower at the point of North and South Country Club to the entrance of his property in that it is public property and used by the CWS Water System to the water towers.  Impression is that Mr. Murray would help pay for this work.  Discussion ensued as to whether the area in the request was a private drive.  Mayor Davis has had this area smoothed over with extra grave, and ditched to the culvert.  Mrs. Burton had suggested to Mr. Murray that those in the area who use this part of the road share the costs to get the area paved, but not everyone who uses that part of the road are in agreement with sharing the costs.  Mayor Davis spoke to Mr. Murray daughter and informed her that the council was under the impression this was a private driveway, and did not have it in the budget to pave, and told her what he has had done to the road, and if her father would like to have it paved, Mayor Davis was given a quote of $2,000 to hot top it, but the Village could not bear the expense this year, it could be factored in next year’s budget.  The Council agreed to wait and see about this item, at this time.

 Mayor Davis reported that documents have been obtained pertaining to the property lot lines at the front entrance as to where to locate some landscaping, mounding and possibly guardrails. However, these documents do not meet with DOT requirements, and he will meet with DOT to get their copies of set backs, etc.  Good news is that it does look as though there is a lot of right-of-way between the road and the property lines, both for Hooper’s, and Kitty Dillard’s properties that alleviates the need to buy any of Kitty Dillard’s property.   Once the designer gets documents from the DOT, a design will go forward.  The designer has been in touch with several DOT officials to get a feel for what the DOT is willing to do.  The DOT thinks, with the proper plan and documents that verify set backs, etc. that they will be willing to work with the Village.  When the Mayor meets with DOT, he will also look into the road turnover issue.  The first round of the grant money allows $3,000 to the Village for the improvement to the entrance, there may be more funds available, but is unknown at this time.  The entrance improvement will be in the 2005 budget.


Mayor Davis reported on “self financing bonds” information from the Rural Center, in that it may be an economic tool for future improvements like sewer installation, or building a town hall.  This “Self Financing Bond Issue” will take an amendment to the North Carolina Constitution, and will be on the November 2 ballot.  He explained that the bonds work like this:  At the time the bond is issued, the base tax would be set before improvements, and after improvements like addition of sewer and gas which would increase property values, the difference between the base tax and the increased value would pay for the bond – i.e. self-financing bonds.  Mayor Davis reported this for information purposes only.


There being no further business, the Mayor asked for a motion to adjourn.  Joe Rossano motioned to adjourn the meeting, Dr. Iobst seconded, there was not discussion, motion passed unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by:


Ruth Roman, Town Clerk

Village of Forest Hills