Forest Hills Council Meeting 1-5-04

Council Meeting

Monday, January 5, 2004


The regular meeting of the Forest Hill Village Council was called to order at 7:10 PM by Mayor Jim Davis.  In attendance were: Mayor Jim Davis, Councilpersons Joe Rossano, Dick Iobst, and Sue Burton; Financial Officer Jim Weir; Attorney Jay Coward; Village Clerk Ida Jenkins; Former Mayor Irene Hooper, Sylva Herald Reporter Ms. Carey King, and two Village residents.

Opening prayer was conducted by Mayor Jim Davis.


The motion to adopt the last meeting’s minutes of December 1, 2003 was made by Dick Iobst. The motion was seconded by Joe Rossano.  Motion was passed unanimously.


Mayor Jim Davis called for a financial report from Jim Weir.  There were 27 individuals not listed on the Village roster for the tax rolls.  Tax rolls were corrected by Tax assessor.  Of the 27 there are still 22 still unaccounted for at this time.  They were E-mailed.  Some notices of Christmas Party were returned undeliverable.  No one knows what happened to these people.  Dick Iobst volunteered to make a list of people getting new permits and forward it to Jim Weir and to be further distributed to council members.


Joe Rossano asked Jim Weir what was expenditure listed on financial report as transportation for $27,535.  Jim Weir answered that it was for paving and road maintenance.  Addressing comments and recommendations made by Hansen, Johnson & Associates, PA, the CPA firm which audits the financial statements: Dick Iobst made a motion to require a second signature of the Mayor or the Mayor Protem plus Jim Wier’s on checks which were written for greater than $5,000.  Joe Rossano seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Jim Weir recommended the total expenditures should balance to $0 with total revenues to meet with NC State Statute which require them to zero out.  Joe Rossano moved to adjust miscellaneous to include $2800 excess thereby zeroing out total revenues and balancing expenditures to comply with the statute.  Dick Iobst seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.


Jim Weir informed the Council that if deputies earn over $600 per year than a written contract should be on file.  Mayor Davis asked if 1099’s are used retroactively?  Jim Weir will check with Kim Hooper to see how to make it work.  Council has taken under consideration and has concluded that no written contract is necessary between the Village and the Sheriff’s office or the Cullowhee Volunteer Fire Department and Jim Weir is authorized to write a letter to the CPA firm to inform them of the decision of the Council on that matter.  Dick Iobst made motion.  Joe Rossano seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Jim Weir reported on December Financial Report.  Received $3,000 in municipal grant in revenue.  Cash on hand is approximately $50,000.  Power bill money gone.  Mayor Jim Davis asked council to accept financial report.  Dick Iobst made motion to accept.  Sue Burton seconded.  Passed unanimously.   


Economic Report given by Irene Hooper.  Irene reported she had attended a meeting on Blue Ridge National Heritage where ten million dollars was awarded by Federal Government to be used in 25 counties in Western North Carolina to develop tourism.  Irene is serving for Jackson County.  $750,000 is being given this year with tourism being stressed.  Largest grant in the US.  Economic Development Commission is trying to create a web site.  Twenty groups have been identified as promoting heritage in county.  Dick Iobst commended Irene for her work. Dick Iobst also identified a potential danger in museum redundancy. 


Liaison Committee:  Sue Burton informed of an upcoming meeting to share concerns.


At 7 PM on January 22 strategy meeting to discuss Summit Apts.  Dick Iobst made motion to close subject until January 22nd 7 PM meeting.  Those to attend the meeting will be Larry Kolenbrander, Geoff Willet, village clerk, village council, J. Coward and Jean Adams.  Meeting will be closed session dealing with allowing vested rights request by Charles Clement of the Summit Apartments, LLC.  Dick Iobst motioned.  Joe Rossano seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Mayor Davis began review and amendments to zoning ordinances.  Advertise meeting twice in Sylva Herald, post notices of meeting at University Inn, Hunter Memorial Library at WCU, and Jackson County Public Library on Main Street Sylva.

Dick Iobst says don’t need to adopt Chapel Hill Noise Ordinance.  Mayor Jim Davis stated we were unable to enforce in the past and goal is to be able to enforce neighborhood nuisances.  Looking at Section 208.  Dick recommended we go through established wrecking and hauling company to enforce. 


Mayor Jim Davis reviewed “discharge of firearms” and expressed problems with students who may not pay heed to whether or not they are using a police approved shooting range and shoot off in the valley.  Sue Burton recommended the exception be left in so people have the opportunity to discuss and express their opinions on the subject.  Joe Rossano motioned to delete exception to Section 208 part C.  Dick Iobst seconded motion with reluctance.  Mayor Jim Davis asked if J. Coward, attorney, knows of any exceptions in the Sylva, Dillsboro, or Webster rules.  J. Coward replies he does not know of any exceptions.  Vote is called for and motion passed.


Sue Burton suggested that since it is 8:05 the need to address each part of each section may take too much time.  Mayor Davis stated in the interest of time only each paragraph will be hit rather than read each one.  In addressing Section 211, litter control read.   J. Coward will make appropriate changes and e-mail to Dick.  Referencing Section 302-A:  J. Coward states that non-conforming properties have reasonable time.  Mayor reads fine schedule.  Mayor reads Section 802 Noise ordinance and compare to Chapel Hill Noise Ordinance.  Dick Iobst recommends Jay incorporate some of Chapel Hill Noise Ordinances.

Sue Burton mentions problems with noise and safety of dirt bikes, go carts, and ATVs used on streets.  Mayor Davis said no need for ordinance but when web site comes up parents will be warned of state laws regarding unlicensed vehicles prohibited from using streets and the safety problems they create.


Section 803 addressed by J Coward as ordinance can test it.

Mayor Davis says keep it in there.

Article 900 Pet Regulation read by Mayor Davis.


Mayor Davis said meeting February 2nd notices should go out Jan 19th.  Comments will be limited to 3 minutes per person.


Mayor Davis asks for old business:  Ida Jenkins’ driveway is still washing out due to road paving done months ago.  Also still a problem on washout on South Country Club Drive.  No resolution.


Mayor Davis asked for new business:  None


Dick Iobst made motion to have open meeting on February 2 to discuss zoning amendments.  Joe Rossano seconded motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Dick Iobst made motion to continue meeting on January 22nd at 7PM with a closed meeting.  Joe Rossano seconded motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.


Ida M. Jenkins

Village Clerk