Forest Hills Council Meeting 3-1-04

Village of Forest Hills Council Meeting


Monday, March 1, 2004


The regular meeting of the Forest Hills Village Council was called to order at 7:10 PM by Mayor Jim Davis.

In attendance were: Mayor Jim Davis, Councilpersons Joe Rossano, Dick Iobst, Jim Wallace and Sue Burton; Financial Officer Jim Weir; Village Clerk Ida Jenkins;  Jay Coward, and three guests and village residents.

Opening prayer was conducted by Mayor Jim Davis.

Corrections to minutes of February 2, 2004 were asked for by Mayor Davis.  No  corrections were made.  Sue Burton motioned to adopt minutes as they stand.  Seconded by Jim Wallace.  Motion passed.


Financial Report given by Jim:  Tax money has come in .  Expense wise for elections they charge over $1000. There was $500. for municipal workers.  In deficit with Powell Bill but will be clear in September/November when we get the $10,000.  Want some additions to Powell Bill to include connector road.  Need for up to date maps.

Jim Wallace moves to accept financial report. Joe Rossano seconds.  Passed.


Joe Rossano recognizes Jim Weir for his work.  Dick Iobst moves to officially commend Jim Weir for his unselfish work for the Village of Forest Hills.  Jim Wallace seconds. Passed.


EDC report; Irene Hooper not present.  Planning Board:  Gene Tweedy speaks of goals.  Dick Iobst suggests the Planning Board use $3000 from county for entrance.  A task force is being worked on according to the Mayor to work on the entrance.  Jim Wallace informs that ideas be tied to Greenway for matching funds.  Meeting are in planning stage according to Mayor Davis.


Sue Burton reports on liaison committee.  Meeting Rick Bennett represented the landlords, Jane Adams Dunford represented the college, Andrew LaMurray represented the female students, Sue Burton represented the Council, and James Smith who was absent was to represent the male students.  Everyone shared openly.  The students felt that they were being picked on by residents.  They felt ordnances were aimed at the students.  They agreed parking and trash were problems.  Sue reported that the first meeting accomplished the goal of open communication. Another meeting is planed in April.  Dick Iobst motions to accept Sue Burtons report.  Jim Wallace seconds. Passed.


Old Business is call for by Mayor Davis.  Ordinances are being worked on by Dick Iobst, Jim Wallace, and Joe Rossano.  Jay Coward recommends deletions are crossed through and any additions are underlined and kept that format.


Sue Burton brings up that her access road is getting worse.  If the five owners chip in would it be possible for the village to pay half of the cost of fixing the road.

The road would have to be dedicated to the Village by Mr. Murray before any thing could be done.


New Business called for by Mayor Davis.  Jim Wallace recommends the village look in to getting one of the DOT signs which hangs off the arm of the traffic light which identifies the Village of Forest Hills.  Dick Iobst motions to authorize Sue Burton to look into sign.  Jim Wallace seconds.  Motion passed.


Dick Iobst motions to adjourn meeting.  Joe Rossano seconds. Passed.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.


Village Secretary


Ida Jenkins