Forest Hills Council Meeting 12-3-01

Village of Forest Hills Council Meeting

Monday, December 3, 2001

7:00 PM

University Inn


Present:  Mayor Irene Hooper; Council-persons Jean Adams, Harold Williford, and Joe Rossano; Mayor-elect Jim Davis; Council persons-elect Dick Iobst and Jim Wallace; Clerk Mary Ann Budahl; Attorney Jay Coward; Sylva Herald reporter Rose Hooper; and approximately twelve Village residents.


Mayor Irene Hooper called the meeting of the Village of Forest Hills Council to order at 7:09 PM.  She welcomed the Council, the new officers, and all the residents and friends in attendance.  She then recognized Ann Melton, Assistant Clerk of Court who performed the duty of swearing-in Jim Davis as Mayor, and Dick Iobst, Jim Wallace, and Joe Rossano as Councilpersons.


Mayor Davis thanked the outgoing members of the Council for their dedication, and for leaving the Council “with a good boat to sail”.  He promised that their vision will continue, and that the Council will face squarely the issues confronting them.  His sentiments were echoed by Jim Wallace, Joe Rossano, Harold Williford, and Dick Iobst who all said that their phone numbers are readily available and that they are eager to represent their neighbors.


4.  The minutes of the meeting of November 5, 2001 were accepted as previously circulated (Iobst, Wallace). 


5.  The financial report was presented by Mary Ann Budahl in Financial Officer Jim Weir’s absence.  There were no unscheduled receipts or disbursements, and the balance was approximately $60,000.  This report was accepted unanimously (Iobst, Rossano).


6.  Former Mayor Hooper reported on several ongoing issues regarding the Village:


      A.  After speaking with Conrad Burrell, she reported that the materials have been ordered, and the traffic light at the corner of Hwy 107 and North Country Club Drive should be installed within the month.


      B.  The Governor’s Office presented a certificate to The Village of Forest Hills recognizing our efforts at keeping the roadways in our Village clean.


      C.  Mayor Davis will attend the Jackson County Commissioner’s meeting on Thursday, December 6 to present our recommendations for two new members from the recently ETJ’d area to the Village Planning Board.  The County Commissioners can take our suggestions, or not, as they desire.  Joe Rossano then resigned from the Planning Board effective after this meeting, and suggested that John Adams be appointed in his place.  Iobst seconded the motion, but before it was voted upon, Iobst suggested that Gary Wright’s and Michael Germano’s names be submitted to the Jackson County Commissioners as recommended Planning Board members from the ETJ area.  An amendment to the above, namely that the submission of the above two names was subject to the hearing and passage of the Ordinance Establishing an Extraterritorial Jurisdiction.  The motion passed unanimously.  (Iobst, Wallace)  The previous motion made by Rossano and seconded by Iobst then passed unanimously.  At this time, Jim Davis also resigned from the Planning Board to open a slot for a person representing ETJ on the Planning Board.



7.  Clerk Budahl reported that 29 DMV transactions were identified at the Tax Office this month.


8.  Outgoing Council members were then given an opportunity to speak, and they all agreed that they enjoyed serving on the Village Council, and they eagerly look forward to helping in an unofficial capacity.


9.  Ron Stephens reported on the latest EDC meeting at which Mark Fortner, owner of the proposed asphalt plant in Qualla was allowed to speak.  No decision was reached on this issue, and Ron promised that much more discussion on this issue would be forthcoming.  He indicated that Irene Hooper has agreed to replace him on the EDC Board.  A motion to this effect made by Iobst and seconded by Wallace passed unanimously.  Ron then asked the new Council for an endorsement of opposition to the construction of the asphalt plant in the Qualla community as expressed by the previous Council.  This was done so by Iobst, seconded by Wallace, and passed unanimously. 


10.  Jean Adams was asked to report on the Annual Holiday Gala.  It will be held at the University Inn on Friday, December 21 from 7:00 to 9:30 PM.  She asked that she be contacted with any offers of punch, hors d’oeuvres, cookies, etc.  Motion to pay $150.00 for the use of the University Inn (Iobst, Wallace) passed unanimously.  In the matter of the outdoor decorations contest, Irene Hooper agreed to arrange for a judge who will do the judging on December 15th at 4:30 PM.


Jean Adams then submitted her resignation as Forest Hills Zoning Administrator effective December 10, 2001.  Dick Iobst was nominated by Wallace to fill the position, seconded by Rossano, and passed unanimously.


Gene Tweedy was given a round of applause for getting the potholes paved over so expeditiously.  Sue Burton reported that she had called the DOT regarding the State road maintenance project on North Country Club Dr and was told that a total of three survey forms had been returned thus far from the involved residents.  Jim Wallace agreed to follow-up on this situation.


Motion to replace Steve Owens on the Planning Board effective immediately (Rossano, Iobst) passed unanimously.


Mayor Davis declared that since the required public notice was given, the floor was open for discussion regarding the modification of proportional representation from the ETJ area to the Planning Board.   Motion to accept the change to the nine-member Planning Board to include two residents from the ETJ area (Iobst, Williford) passed unanimously.


The motion to adjourn (Wallace, Iobst) passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:58 PM.  The next regularly scheduled Council meeting will be held on Monday, January 7, 2002.


Mary Ann Budahl,

Village Clerk