Forest Hills Council Meeting 1-8-01

Village of Forest Hills Council Meeting

Monday, January 8, 2001

7:00 PM

University Inn


Present:  Irene Hooper, Mayor; Council persons Jean Adams, Sharon Jacques, Larry Kolenbrander, and Harold Williford; Finance Officer, Carol Pearce, and Village Clerk, Mary Ann Budahl.  Also Jay Coward, Village Attorney, and two residents/guests.


Mayor Hooper called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM and extended a welcome to all.


The minutes of the previous meeting of December 4, 2000 were approved as circulated.

(Jacques, Williford) 


The Treasurer’s report was circulated.  It was noted by Carol Pearce that the Road Maintenance funds for both North and South Country Club Drives have been depleted, as expected .  Harold Williford questioned whether Powell Bill Funds could be used for road maintenance.  Larry Kolenbrander stated that they can, indeed, be used for those portions of the roads that are not state maintained but are not private roadways.  The balance of the Village of Forest Hills account is $44,700.26.  Carol stated that she was working with Gwen Edwards (Crisp, Hughes & Evans, auditors) to comply with their recommendation that the Village establish a conflict of interest policy.


Jean Adams reported that approximately 35 people attended the Village Holiday Party that was held on December 17.  She thanked the many people who brought snacks and sweets.  There was a blazing fire in the massive fireplace at the University Inn lobby, which added to the cozy ambiance.  The winners of the outdoor lighting contest were: 

            First place:  Jim and Tricia Davis

            Second place:  Allen and Kim Gould

            Third place:  Joanne and Jim Bryson

A huge “thank you” goes to the judge this year, Ray Menze.

Jean also noted that the cost of using the University Inn lobby for Village functions has risen from $50.00 to $75.00.


Mayor Hooper reported that revenues received from 28 DMV transactions last month were $53.66.


Copies of the proposed Agreement including (in part) the purpose, objectives, responsibilities, authority, limitation of authority, membership, etc. of the Jackson County Greenway Commission were distributed by Larry Kolenbrander and then discussed in some depth.  He noted that the Sylva Town Board had suggested minor changes in the original proposal regarding responsibility of each governmental unit agreeing to assume responsibility for the construction and maintenance of any greenway within their respective jurisdiction, as well as assuming responsibility for civil liabilities within each jurisdiction.  Motion to approve agreement with modifications (Jacques, Williford.)  Attorney Coward suggested we investigate the aspect of insurable risk.  Motion was passed unanimously.


Mayor Hooper reported that Angela Davis has agreed to audit the snow removal and maintenance situations on North Country Club Drive.  We are very grateful for her assistance.


New Business:


Mayor Hooper reported on the formation of the Rural Transportation Planning Organizations that will be working in an advisory role with the NCDOT to plan rural transportation systems.  These voluntary RPO’s are soliciting the input and involvement of rural North Carolinians to help in developing long-range multi-modal transportation plans.  If you are interested in getting involved with this organization, you are asked to contact Mayor Hooper or Larry Kolenbrander, chairman of the Planning Board.


Attorney Coward reported that Marion Jones, a prominent resident of Sylva has been proposed as a member of the Board of the NC Department of Transportation.  This appointment would give Jackson County a voice on this important committee.  Motion to ask Mayor Hooper to write a letter expressing support for Mr. Jones (Kolenbrander, Adams) passed unanimously.


Motion to adjourn. (Adams, Jacques)


The meeting was adjourned at 8:06 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Ann Budahl, Village Clerk



Addendum:  We express our sympathy to Ralph DeVane whose father died recently in Alabama.