Forest Hills Council Meeting 6-4-01

Village of Forest Hills Council Meeting


Date: Monday, June 4, 2001

7:00 PM

Cullowhee Valley School


Mayor Irene Hooper called the meeting to order at 7:12 PM. Additional attendees were Councilpersons Larry Kolenbrander, Harold Williford, Jean Adams, and Sharon Jacques, Assistant Financial Officer Jim Weir, Attorney Jay Coward, Assistant Clerk Elsie Beaver, Heather Baker from the office of Jay Coward; and Rose Hooper from the Sylva Herald.


Mayor Hooper welcomed all and announced:

  1. Condolences go out to Diane Yount in the death of her  mother.
  2. A fire fund is in place at Wachovia Bank (Long Branch branch) to provide assistance to Jim and Trish Davis for the loss of their home due to a fire.
  3. Best wishes go out to Ruth Shuler as she recovers from a broken leg.


Motion made that minutes of the previous meeting on May  7, 2001 be accepted as previously circulated (Jacques, Kolenbrander); Unanimous vote.


Treasurer’s report was given by Assistant Financial Officer Weir.  There is a balance of $62,199.27 in the account.  Weir said the state announced there are 350 residents in the Village which differs from the 320 counted in the recent survey.  Weir recommended that the Bank account be transferred effective June 30, 2001, to Wachovia Bank from Carolina Bank due to a better interest rate and free checking. Motion made to accept the treasurer’s report  (Jacque, Adams) Unanimous vote. 


Motion was made that council authorize all funds be transferred to Wachovia and in addition that $50,000 be put into a money market account and $12,000 be put into a checking account.  (Jacques, Kolenrander); Unanimous vote.


Old Business:

Greenway Commission met May 8, 2001. New appointees: Jane and Miguel Macias; next meeting June 5, 6 PM.


Risk Management Report made by Jean Adams, Councilperson.  Liability cost in 2001 is $2030; Adams moved council approve the amount of $2800 for 2002.  (Adams, Jacques)  Unanimous vote.


Mayor Hooper asked for reports of phone polling survey to residents in Oak Forest and Lyle Wilson Estates regarding Land Use Planning.  Due to summer vacations many of those targeted to contact were unavailable for comment.  Discussion took place regarding possible areas for ETJ.  Attorney Coward advised the council on zoning rights.  Motion made to vote down the motion from last year that was Plan B ETJ ((Jacques, Kolenbrander) Unanimous vote.


Motion was made that Council move ahead with ETJ defined as Ridge top to Ridge top:  to include Cox Creek watershed, Lyle Wilson, KA House, Summit Apartments on Hwy 107, Vale Hollow, but exclude the trailer park.  (Kolanbrander, Jacques).  Unanimous vote.  Geoff Willet will be contacted to assist in determining the exact boundaries. 


Mayor Hooper announced that the Ad Hoc Committee still has no chairman.  Adams described the temporary repair work recently done on N. Country Club Drive.  Attorney Coward advised that deeds should be reviewed and contact made with property owners to make sure there was not any invasion on private property before authorizing further repair work in said area.  Hooper delayed a report from the Ad Hoc committee until next month due to absence of any committee members.  Attorney Coward advised that under the Powell Bill the Village had no obligation to provide services.


Mayor Hooper announced that Richard Iobst will prepare a document with emphasis on Cullowhee for the Jackson County 100th anniversary celebration.


Mayor Hooper announced that trash being carried in trucks should be covered; citizens can report a violation of this but also must be willing to go to court to testify on the matter.


Mayor Hooper announced that DOT will check into the traffic light situation at Village entrance and Hwy 107 south.


Councilperson Williford reported the Powell Bill continues to use the same survey as two years ago.  Motion made that the Village continue to use WK Dixon, Engineering firm in Asheville, NC. to prepare Powell Bill. (Williford, Jacques) unanimous vote.


Kolenbramder reported the Planning Committee continues to study the zoning ordinance revision.  It is uncertain how long this study will continue.


Councilperson Jacques submitted her letter of resignation effective June 29, 2001from the Council due to moving out of the Village and Jackson County.  Heather Baker advised that the Council could appoint a replacement for Jacques to serve until November election.  At that time the new candidate will serve for two years.  Mayor Hooper will make contacts as to Jacques’s replacement.


Mayor Hooper announced the November election filing dates are July 6, 2001 through August 3, 2001. Councilpersons Adams, Kolenbrander and Mayor Hooper‘s terms will expire in November.


Mayor Hooper reported there had been 23 DVM transactions in May.


Mayor Hooper reported on Economic Development Commission and TWSA.  Ian Pritchard has been appointed to WSA , a new committee.


Motion was made to authorize W K Dixon to do the study on sewage lines. (Kolanbrander, Jacques)

Unanimous Vote.


Councilperson Williford presented the proposed new budget. from the Budget Committee. Motion was made to continue with the tax rate of 1 mil = 17M. (Jacques, Adams) Unanimous vote.


Motion made to accept proposed budget with changes discussed by the Council at the time new budget presented ( June 4, 2001).  (Kolanbrander, Jacques) Unanimous Vote.


Mayor Hooper expressed appreciation for the commitment that Councilperson Jacques has given to the Village as a councilperson and resident of the Village.  She thanked Jacques for serving the Village and expressed that Jacques will be greatly missed.


Mayor Hooper adjourned the meeting at 9:19 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Elsie Beaver

Assistant Clerk