Forest Hills Council Meeting 2-5-01


Monday, February 5, 2001

7:00 PM

University Inn

Present: Mayor Irene Hooper; Council Members: Sharon Jacques, Harold Williford, Jean Adams and Larry Kolenbrander, Attorney Ben Ellis (representing Jay Coward); Financial Officer Carole Pearce; Village Clerk Mary Ann Budahl; Rose Hooper - Sylva Herald reporter; and several visitors.

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Hooper at 7:05 PM who then welcomed all in attendance.

Motion to amend the minutes of the January 8, 2001 meeting as follows:  delete the words, ‘and maintenance’ in the paragraph describing the duties that Angela Davis has agreed to, and then to accept the minutes as amended (Jacques, Williford) passed unanimously. 

The financial report, presented by Financial Officer, Carole Pearce showed a balance of $55,403.56, which includes the Powell Bill funds.  Income this past month:  $11,122.35 – ad valorem taxes, and interest revenue - $86.03. 

Mayor Hooper reported that she has received a certificate of appreciation from the U S Census Bureau for the Village’s participation in this recent effort.

Mayor Hooper commented that the semi-annual meeting of the joint governments of Jackson County will be held at 5:00 PM on February 15 at the Justice Center boardroom.  Also, the League of Municipalities annual meeting will be held in Asheville this fall.  Ms. Hooper attended the annual Duke Power meeting held at the Cherokee Holiday Inn on January 30. 

Mayor Hooper reported that considerable transactions took place this past month at the DVM office involving Forest Hills residents.  The income from these will be forthcoming.

All officers of the Village recently received a listing of the chairs of all NC Senate Committees, including Dan Robinson who chairs the State & Local Government committee.

Old Business

Mayor Hooper wrote a letter to Governor Easley on January 11, 2001 recommending Marion Jones for the Board of the NC Department of Transportation as requested at the January meeting.  No response as yet.

All Forest Hills residents are encouraged to attend the Smart Growth meeting at the Cullowhee Valley School on Tuesday, February 27 at 7:00 PM to express their opinions about: “What do you want changed?  What do you want left unchanged in Jackson County?”  This is the citizens’ opportunity to speak up and be heard regarding future growth.

Mayor Hooper will follow-up on our request to have the private sections of North Country Club Drive become part of the state road maintenance system.  The petition was approved by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners, but has not yet been received by the NCDOT for this region.  No action regarding South Country Club Drive.


Mayor Hooper and Councilperson Kolenbrander will meet with the ad hoc Road Committee to determine their function.


Larry Kolenbrander reported on the Greenway Commission, which he says is in the process of becoming formally established under the jurisdiction of Jackson County, at which time each municipality will appoint three members to serve on the Commission.  A well-qualified chairperson has been named and the suggested bylaws have been approved.


New business

Jean Adams reported that she issued a compliance certificate recently. She requested that it be noted in the minutes that before any improvements, remodeling or building is undertaken in the Village, a compliance certificate must be obtained from the Zoning Administrator.  This must be presented when a building permit is applied for. It was also noted that a copy of the Zoning Regulations are on file at the University Inn and at Hunter Library.


Discussion regarding up to date list of current residents of Forest Hills.  Ron Stephens stated that the 911 office will print out a current list if requested.  Mayor Hooper will request a current list. 


Jim Weir, Assistant Financial Officer presented a draft of a conflict of interest statement as required by State statute 14-234.  Motion to accept this draft and refer it to attorney Coward for his recommendation (Kolenbrander, Adams) passed unanimously.


There being no further business, motion to adjourn (Williford, Jacques) passed, and the meeting was adjourned at 7:35 PM.