Forest Hills Council Meeting 7-2-01

Village of Forest Hills Council meeting

Monday, July 2, 2001

7:00 PM

University Inn


1.  Mayor Irene Hooper called the regularly scheduled meeting of the Village Council to order at 7:05 PM.  In attendance were Councilpersons Larry Kolenbrander, Harold Williford, and Jean Adams; Financial officer Carol Pearce, Asst. Financial officer Jim Weir; Joe Rossano, Attorney Heather Baker representing Village Attorney Jay Coward; Clerk of Superior Court, Frank Watson; Village Clerk, Mary Ann Budahl; and several residents of Forest Hills.


2.  The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted with the following amendment:  additions to Proposed Budget:  under expenditures, elections $1000, and increase in insurance from $2600 to $3100 which brings the total expenditures to $30,000.  This means the excess revenues over expenditures sum is $10,200 instead of the $11,700 as previously reported.  The transfer to unrestricted reserve total, therefore, becomes $7200.  (Kolenbrander, Williford)


3.  The Financial Report was distributed by Jim Weir.  It showed a “profit” (revenue vs expenditures) of $27,161, and a cash balance of $60,916.  The report was accepted with a minor spelling correction by unanimous vote (Williford, Kolenbrander).


4.  In the matter of replacing former Councilperson Sharon Jacques who has moved from the Village, Mayor Hooper called the Board of Elections to ascertain that she could appoint this person to serve until the November election.  Joe Rossano was asked to serve.  The motion to appoint Joe Rossano to fill the vacancy created by Sharon Jacques (Williford, Kolenbrander) passed unanimously, and he was subsequently sworn-in by Clerk of Superior Court, Frank Watson, Jr. 


5.  Carol Pearce has asked to be replaced as Financial Officer; Jim Weir agreed to take the position, with Carol Pearce becoming the Assistant Financial Officer.  Motion to this effect passed unanimously.  (Adams, Williford)  Clerk Watson administered the oaths of office.  Motion to appoint Larry Kolenbrander to the Planning Board to serve a continuing three-year term (Williford, Rossano) passed unanimously.


6.  Recent letters of inquiry dealt with by Mayor Hooper:  from DOT regarding bridges (there are none in the Village); and one regarding unifying franchises with Mediacom (the Village is not involved.)


7.  Mayor Hooper reported that she had taken copies of the approved 2001-2002 Budget to the Jackson County Finance Officer, and posted it at the Jackson County Library in Sylva and a copy at the WCU Library.  A copy will also be posted in the Village information box outside of the University Inn.


8.  Larry Kolenbrander reported that the Greenway Commission is now a legally sanctioned body with its Director in place, and it is now applying for grants and doing its other work.  The members who represent Forest Hills in addition to Larry are Miguel and Jane Macias.


9.  Ron Stephens reported on the road repairs to North Country Club Dr.  The first “patch job” washed out and had to be replaced, and it is currently “settling”.  Mayor Hooper will write a letter to CWS when the project is completed expressing our thanks.


10.  Ron Stephens reported that the EDC continues to work to bring jobs to the community.  The land purchase for the high-tech center in Cullowhee is nearing finality, and several businesses involving 20 – 30 jobs have expressed interest in locating there.  He also mentioned that the Cherokee nation is being represented at the EDC meetings now, and they have similar interests in bringing economic growth to the region.  (Mayor Hooper mentioned that Chief Leon Jones attended the last Joint Government Meeting.)

The EDC has been asked by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners to give suggestions involving the proposed asphalt plant in Whittier.  EDC members are currently visiting other asphalt plants in the area, and the target date is set for approximately four months from now.  Ron will inform the Village Council of the information gathered, and he will vote according to their wishes


11.  DMV report:  approximately 20 actions were noted this past month.


12.  Powell Bill Survey:  Deadline to submit is July 21, 2001.  Harold Williford will verify line items with Financial Officer Weir and consult with W K Dixon Engineering before then.  Mayor Hooper certified that no boundary changes have taken place this past year.


13.  Attorney Baker stated that she has reviewed the sewer feasibility study and is available to answer any questions regarding it.


14.  Planning Board report:  Larry Kolenbrander stated that Geoff Willett is presently developing the legal description of the proposed ETJ boundaries for presentation and review at the Planning Board meeting of July 16.  They will subsequently make their recommendation to the Council on August 6.  If the Council approves, owners of record of the properties involved will be notified by First Class mail.   Then a public hearing date will be set with appropriate notices being posted before then.


Joe Rossano inquired why the traffic light at the intersection of Hwy 107 has not been installed as yet, since it was budgeted in the fiscal year just expired.  Mayor Hooper stated that she has been in touch with Conrad Burrell regarding this.  She will continue to stress the importance of getting this done to him, hopefully by the time school starts again in the fall.


15.  Mayor Hooper reminded everyone that the dates for filing for the November election are from noon on July 6, 2001 until August 3, 2001 at noon.  To be elected are two councilpersons to serve four-year terms; one councilperson to serve a two-year term, and the Mayor who serves a two-year term of office.


16.  Mayor Hooper commended Carol Pearce for her involvement with the Village from “the ground up,” serving as Financial Officer since its inception.  Much appreciation is owed to her, and all in attendance wholeheartedly agreed upon this.


17.  Discussion of North Country Club Road presently being surveyed:  Ron Stephens asked why the survey stopped before the end of the road had been reached.  Several possible reasons were discussed, including the requirement that only “Powell Bill roads” were included.  Larry suggested that the State might have more specific criteria.  Harold will contact DOT to request representation at the August Council meeting to clarify this. 


Jim and Trisha Davis expressed their thanks to their friends and neighbors for the outpouring of sympathy, good wishes, help and support since their recent house fire.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.  (Williford, Kolenbrander)


Respectfully submitted,



Mary Ann Budahl

Village Clerk