Forest Hills Council Meeting 3-5-01

Village of Forest Hills Council meeting

Monday, March 5, 2001

7:00 PM

University Inn


Mayor Irene Hooper called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.  In attendance were Mayor Hooper; Councilpersons Larry Kolenbrander, Harold Williford, and Jean Adams;

Financial Officer Carol Pearce; Assistant Financial Officer Jim Weir; Attorney Jay Coward; Clerk Mary Ann Budahl; and Mark Jamison, Richard Iobst, and Lee Budahl.

Mayor Hooper welcomed all. 


The minutes of the previous meeting of February 5, 2001 were accepted as previously circulated (Kolenbrander, Williford) by a unanimous vote.


Carol Pearce who reported that we received sales tax revenue of $2139.17 and interest revenue of $52.11 distributed the financial report.  The balance on Feb 28 is $57,394.84.  The report was unanimously approved.  (Kolenbrander, Williford)


Mayor Hooper reported that there were approximately 70 citizens who showed up at the recent Smart Growth meeting held in our community.  She stated that it was gratifying to see such interest and enthusiasm, although many of the issues that were mentioned were similar to others expressed in other areas of the County. 


Mayor Hooper received a letter from Governor Easley thanking her for the endorsement of Marion Jones for the NC DOT representative.  She noted that Conrad Burrell had been appointed and added that she felt he would serve our area well.


The updated list of residents was obtained from the 911 office and is being clarified by Jean Adams and Mary Ann Budahl.


Larry Kolenbrander noted that there was a slight modification in the wording of the Greenway Commission proposal (Section IV, C4) such that the funding of the various greenway projects would be covered by grants, donations, etc or as the governmental unit has available funds.  Motion to accept this change (Kolenbrander, Adams) passed unanimously.


Several names were suggested as possible representatives to the Greenway Commission Board.  Mayor Hooper will follow up on this.  Kolenbrander plans to attend the Greenway meeting to be held tomorrow.


Mayor Hooper reported on the Joint Government meeting held on February 15.  Of interest to our Village, as well as to all the other communities in the county, is the Jackson County Emergency Management Operation Plan that defines the ‘mutual aid agreement’ wherein towns will work together in cases of emergency situations which are too involved for one community.  Discussion regarding responsibility for financial remuneration.  Attorney Coward stated that this is a standard document which is issued from the State level.  Move to adopt Jackson County Emergency Management Operation Plan (Kolenbrander, Adams) passed unanimously.


Ian Pritchard, the Village’s representative to TWSA reports that most of the TWSA meeting’s issues involve Cashiers and the Dillsboro sewer expansion project. 


Mention made of next Economic Development Annual Meeting to be held on March 12 at 7:00 PM in the Ramsey Center Hospitality Room.  Chancellor Bardo will give a presentation on the “Millennium Campus.”  Mayor Hooper and Jean Adams will attend.


Mayor Hooper will call a meeting of the Road Maintenance Committee to assess the deteriorating condition of our roads and to develop a short and long term plan to bring to the Council.  Several areas on South CC Dr have large potholes, and are in need of repaving; North CC Dr has a section in which the road bed is washed out.  Powell Bill funds may be used for road maintenance; as well as designated funds budgeted by the Village.  She will attempt to convene the meeting in the next two weeks.


Mayor Hooper reported that she was told by DOT that there is no money appropriated at this time for a traffic signal at the intersection of 107 and Forest Hills. 


Discussion regarding previous recommendation by the Village Planning Board to initiate a preliminary engineering study of a community sewage system.  Motion to request Victor Lofquist and his engineering firm to come up with an engineering feasibility study for a community sewage system (Kolenbrander, Williford) passed unanimously. The proposed "Conflict of Interest" agreement was postponed until April Meeting and after Jay Coward, Attorney reviews it.



Richard Iobst who was representing several Village residents asked about resolution to the ETJ issue.  Larry Kolenbrander said there was a difference of opinion regarding the boundary around the KA house, but agreed that some action should be taken.  He will discuss the issue with John Adams, ad hoc chairman of the ETJ Committee and report back.  In the meantime, Mayor Hooper will make contact in the projected area to get a list of the residents.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM  (Adams, Kolenbrander)


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Ann Budahl

Village Clerk