September 2016

Village of Forest Hills
Planning Board Meeting
September 19, 2016 – 7:00 pm
Jackson County Recreation Center




  1.  Welcome / Call to order – Lee Budahl - at 7:00 pm Lee called the meeting to order. 
  1. Admin Items – Lee

  Roll Call – Planning Board members attending:  Lee Budahl, Nilofer Couture, Jayne Buchanan, and Jack Brown

        Planning Board LiaisonClark Corwin

        Professional Planner – Kristy Carter

        Public:  None 

        Absent:  Steve Brown 

  1.  Approval of Minutes:  Clark announced that approval of the minutes were not complete from the August meeting and would be reviewed at the next meeting.  Kristy noted that the minutes from July, August, and September would need to be approved at the October meeting. 
  1.  Approval of Agenda:  Nilofer made a motion to accept the agenda, unanimously agreed. 
  1.  Public Comments:  None 
  1.  Administrative Reports:  None 
  1. Council Action - Clark:  Clark noted that the Council asked about the mixed residential use area, the guiding principles from the charrette, uses wanted and not wanted.  Clark noted that there are four principle items from the charrette, Village connectivity with green ways, preserving the open space and character of the Village, offering greater housing availability/options, and new development contributing to a sense of place and community.  Lee asked Clark what the Council action was and he said to report on the Guiding Land Use Plan. 
  1. Unfinished/Old Business:

      a. Mixed Use Ordinance - on hold - see Work Plan discussion.

      b. Noise Ordinance:  Kristy noted that the Planning Board had dealt with the Noise ordinance but are not dealing with it now since it is unclear if the ordinance can be enforced in the ETJ area.  Attorney Fox said that he does not feel that the Village can enforce the ordinance in the ETJ area, he feels that the Noise ordinance needs to be separated from the Land Use regulations.  Kristy said the Noise ordinance is more about police power.  She said that Attorney Fox recommended that the Noise Ordinance come out of the Zoning Ordinances.  This is no longer a Planning Board issue, the Council will pick up this topic to discuss with police enforcement.

      c. Sign Ordinance:  Review initial draft before Attorney review:  Kristy said that Attorney Fox pointed out that the Village has not updated their sign regulations.  She noted that sign content can no longer be regulated and there can be no discrimination through sign regulation.  She said there were a couple of sign uses that were exempt such as emergency signage, addressing, signs with religious content, signs of protest, and signs of art without message.  She also reviewed signs that do not require permits.  Kristy said that she feels the Sign Ordinance is good enough for now with some content clean up and the board may revisit it later.  Nilofer mentioned that there were a couple signs posted in the Village that were advertising house buying and asked if they were allowed, Kristy said that if they are on a public right-of-way, she feels they can be removed but will review that, she said if the intent is for the sign to be temporary such as a political sign, it may be allowed.  Kristy said she will send changes when clarified to the Council.  Lee suggested the motion from the Staff Report, Nilofer moved to accept the Sign Ordinance amendments, unanimously agreed. 

  1. New Business:  Lee

     a.  Review of Fees:  Kristy said that Mayor Begley asked that the Planning Board look at the Village fees, Kristy said the fees are fines for violations, she noted that the regulations state that fees may be no less than $50 and no more than $500 per violation.  The Village states violation fees are $50 for the first offense, $75 for the second offense, $100 for the third, etc.  These are the fees per day.  Kristy said she feels that these fees are reasonable but there are some wording issues, she will review them and then the board can report to the Council.  Kristy recommended revisiting these issues after the Council meets with Law Enforcement at the next Council meeting.  Jack moved to revisit the fees after the Council meets with Law Enforcement, Unanimously agreed.

     B.  Work Plan Approval:  Kristy said she has spoken with Mike Poston to discuss road standards for Jackson County and he suggested going through a work plan with the Planning Board to discuss issues.  Kristy outlined areas to work on throughout the remainder of the year, she recommended addressing the Mixed Use district at the October meeting, she said that the Zoning Ordinances table of uses needs to be addressed and could be done at the November meeting, and  then move to Ordinance clean-up, Noise Ordinances, Leash Laws, Farm Animals,etc.  Kristy said the Planning Board would need to coordinate with the Council. 

Clark asked about Farm Animal regulations and Kristy said that if the definition of a farm is met, the regulations are different.  She noted that Land Use decisions go through the Board of Adjustments. 

Lee moved to approve the work plan as presented and amended, unanimously agreed. 

     10.  Public Comment:  None

     11.  Next Meeting:  Nilofer will preside over the next meeting, the meeting will be October 17th.