November 2016

Village of Forest Hills
Planning Board Meeting
November 21, 2016 – 7:00 pm
Jackson County Recreation Center




  1.  Welcome / Call to order – Jack Brown - at 7:05 pm Jack called the meeting to order.
  2. Admin Items – Jack

        a)  Roll Call – Planning Board members attending:  Steve Brown, Lee Budahl, Jayne Buchanan,  and Jack Brown

Planning Board LiaisonClark Corwin

Professional Planner – Kristy Carter

Absent:  Nilofer Couture

       b)  Approval of Minutes:  Jack announced that approval of the minutes distributed from July, August, and October needed to be approved.  Jayne made a motion to approve the meeting minutes for July, August, and October, unanimously agreed.

       c)  Approval of Agenda:  Kristy recommended that items on the agenda be reversed in number, Lee made a motion to accept the amended agenda, unanimously agreed.

   3.  Administrative Reports:  None

  4. Council Action – Clark said that he had a discussion with the County Attorney via phone regarding the Noise Ordinance, he said that she has spoken with the officer and District Attorney about enforcement.

  5. Public Comments:  None

  6. Unfinished Business:  Kristy said that she has done a sample letter for violations for the Code of Ordinance update, she noted that the legal action must relate to the Ordinance.  She recommended that the Village have two books, one for Code of Ordinances and one for Zoning Ordinances, she noted that this would have to be reviewed with the Attorney and Village Council.

Kristy noted that the Planning Board’s role is to adopt a new Zoning Ordinance with the old language removed.  She said that the Jackson County Ordinance says that a landlord or owner cannot be held liable for a tenant’s violation.

Kristy suggested not having a Planning Board meeting in December and said that she could attend the Village Council meeting in December to discuss further action to be taken for the Ordinances, she will discuss the samples with Attorney Fox.

Village Mixed Use District:  this is part two, she did receive some feedback from one developer who thought the idea was ok and is waiting to hear back from Caleb.

All members of the Planning Board present voted unanimously to cancel the Planning Board meeting on December 19th and meet next on January 23rd at the Rec. Ctr.

  7. New Business: Kristy asked about the Planning Board members terms for next year, she noted that Nilofer’s term is set to expire in December, if she agrees to continue as a Planning Board member, it goes before the Council for re-appointment.

Kristy noted that Steve will chair the Planning Board meeting to be held on Monday, January 23rd at 7:00 pm at the Jackson County Rec. Ctr.

  8.  Adjourn:  at 7:30 pm Lee made a motion to adjourn, unanimously approved.