October 2016

Village of Forest Hills
Planning Board Meeting
October 17, 2016 – 7:00 pm
Jackson County Recreation Center



  1.  Welcome / Call to order – Nilofer Couture- at 7:00 pm Nilofer called the meeting to order. 
  1. Admin Items – Nilofer

Roll Call –Planning Board members attending:  Lee Budahl, Nilofer Couture, Jayne   Buchanan, and Jack Brown

     Planning Board LiaisonClark Corwin

     Professional Planner – Kristy Carter

     Public:  None

     Absent:  Steve Brown 

  1. Approval of Minutes:  Members reviewed the minutes from the September meeting, Lee made a motion to accept the minutes, unanimously agreed.  He noted that minutes from July and August if applicable would need to be approved at the next meeting since they had not been approved. 
  1.  Approval of Agenda:  Lee made a motion to accept the agenda, unanimously agreed. 
  1.  Public Comments:  None 
  1.  Administrative Reports:  None 
  1. Council Action - Clark:  Clark asked if the Village has jurisdiction over parking in the ETJ area, Kristy noted that the Village does not have jurisdiction in that area, it is considered private property, cars can park on the right-of-way but cannot block the road, and vehicles blocking the road would fall under Jackson County’s jurisdiction. 
  1. Unfinished/Old Business:

      a. Mixed Use Ordinance – See attached draft by Kristy Carter

Members discussed the uses and were tasked with deciding the right scale. 

Clark noted the importance of looking at the viability of the Village and Economics. 

Village Mixed Use District (VMU District) 

The primary purpose of the Village Mixed Use (VMU) District is to permit a mix of various housing types, commercial businesses, and institutional buildings in a pedestrian-oriented neighborhood with a sense of community and place.  Specifically, the Village Mixed Use District is intended to: • Create a mixed use, small town character that complements existing village development. • Allow a range of small scale commercial and institutional uses within easy walking distance of adjoining residential homes. 

Jack mentioned his concern about duplex and triplex units, noting that the more apartments, the more traffic and noise that is generated.

Kristy noted that in her research, it noted that single family residences often generate the most traffic. 

Kristy noted that the mixed use options indicated are contingent on having public water and sewer.  She noted that the owner of the large tract of land previously the golf course indicates that public sewer and water will be available but there is not verification from TWSA.  

Kristy said that as for non-residential, she is figuring out how to legally put in the scales.  She noted that there must be 20% of open space when developing. 

Kristy asked members if they had any interest in small lodging and B & B businesses being in the mixed use, Nilofer and Clark said they feel that it fits in with the Village and the fact that the University is nearby and have family who visit. 

Kristy noted that she is not sure if Churches would need to or can be excluded. 

Kristy asked if members had any concerns about street connectivity or development possibilities.  Nilofer said she that it would be a good idea if a Commercial Developer took a look at the plan.  Members discussed possible developers and decided to discuss with Council for more recommendations. 

Kristy said that she will discuss this draft for mixed use with Mayor Begley and Councilmember Corwin tomorrow and if they agree, she will forward to the Attorney for review.  Planning Board members need to review and check details of the draft to discuss at the next meeting. 

Nilofer mentioned that there were still signs posted in the Village that were advertising house buying and asked if they were allowed, Kristy said that if they are on a public right-of-way, they can be removed.  She suggested the Village changing their definitions of Real Estate. 

  1. New Business:  None 
  2. Public Comment:  None
  3. Next Meeting:  Jack will preside over the next meeting; the meeting will be November 21st.
  4. Adjourn:  At 8:15 pm Jack made a motion to adjourn, unanimously agreed.