July 2011


                                                                 VILLAGE OF FOREST HILLS

                                                                               July 12, 2011



The regular meeting of the Village of Forest Hills was held in the meeting room at the Jackson County Recreation Center at 6:00pm on July 12, 2011.


The following members of the Council were present:

Jim Wallace, Mayor

Clark Corwin

Carl Hooper

Gene Tweedy

Suzanne Stone


The following Non-Council members were present:

Kolleen Begley, Finance Officer

Leanne Pate, Temporary Clerk



(1)    Call to order 6:00pm by Mayor Jim Wallace


(2)    Vote on Agenda.  A motion to approve the agenda was made by Carl Hooper, seconded by Clark Corwin, unanimously approved.


(3)    Financial reports for the month of June, 2011.  Kolleen Begley gave the Financial Report as 12 months into the 12 months fiscal year stating it was still within budget. Motion to accept the financial report was made by Gene Tweedy, seconded by Carl Hooper, unanimously approved. Financial report shows a $22K surplus for the fiscal year end, and a $100K cash on hand balance.  Kolleen is working with the CPA on the year-end audit and Powell Bill report due to the state by month-end.  Budget vs. Actual expenses are posted on the website.


(4)    Village Contracts:  Discussion of DOT obligations/services of state-maintained road maintenance as to mowing.  Jim Wallace to follow-up with DOT as to this issue, per suggestion from resident/Zoning Administrator Mark Teague.  Discussion of “preventive maintenance” of all Village-maintained roads.  Discussion of what to do about debris cleaned from culverts. 


5 Road Maintenance contracts formally accepted (as follows):

            1. Monthly Entrance Maintenance – BH Graning

            2. Bi-Annual Road Right-of-Way Mowing – BH Graning

            3. Bi-Annual Gravel Road Scraping – Green’s Excavating

            4. Ditch-line Pulling/Culvert Cleaning – Green’s Excavating

            5. Snow Removal – Green’s Excavating


(5)     Approval of meeting minutes for June 14, 2011 Council meeting:  A motion to approve the minutes was made by Carl Hooper, seconded by Clark Corwin, unanimously approved.  (Approved meeting minutes are posted on the Village website).






VFH minutes 7-12-11 p. 2



(6)    Village Roads:  Carl

(7)    Hooper addressed the council in regards to Hooper addressed the council Hooletters mailed to property owners which requested signatures for the petition to the DOT for assuming state maintenance of upper end of North Country Club Drive.  Explanation of the procedure for obtaining rights-of-way, DOT contact to be Jonathan Woodard.  Petitions are due back from property owners by September, response is mostly favorable.


Crosswalk Update:  Suzanne Stone addressed the council about the Hwy. 107 crosswalk.  The Dot has delayed the project until October or November of 2011, citing issues with concrete contracting for the safety way.



(8)    Stop/Yield Signs:  Jim Wallace led discussion of this topic for the intersections of South Country Club Drive at Oak Forest and at Cave Springs. Discussion of safety for pedestrians and control of speeding.  A motion to approve the placement of stop signs and of traffic mirrors at these two intersections was made by Suzanne Stone, seconded by Carl Hooper, unanimously approved.







Mulch at Village Entrance: Discussion of estimate from BH Graning for mulching and replacement of plants.  Kolleen Begley introduced discussion of the concept of “Xeriscaping” to reduce time and cost of future upkeep.


DOT Resolution: (as to North Country Club Drive) Carl Hooper reminded the council that, as a formality, it must petition the county commissioners for the use of DOT funds.



At 7:16pm a motion to adjourn was made by Gene Tweedy, seconded by Carl Hooper, unanimously approved.