April 2011

                              COUNCIL MINUTES

                                                                 VILLAGE OF FOREST HILLS

                                                                               April 5, 2011



The regular meeting of the Village of Forest Hills was held in the meeting room at the Jackson County Recreation Center at 6:00pm on April 5, 2011.


The following members of the Council were present:

Jim Wallace, Mayor

Clark Corwin

Carl Hooper

Gene Tweedy

Suzanne Stone


The following Non-Council members were present:

Kolleen Begley, Finance Officer



(1)    Call to order 6:00pm by Mayor Jim Wallace


(2)    Vote on Agenda.  Carl Hooper added one item, “Town Hall”, to New Business and Jim Wallace added “Mayor Pro Tem change”.  A motion to approve the agenda as modified was made by Carl Hooper, seconded by Gene Tweedy, and unanimously approved.


(3)    Approval of meeting minutes for March 8, 2011 Council meeting.  A motion to approve the minutes was made by Gene Tweedy, seconded by Carl Hooper, unanimously approved.  (Approved meeting minutes are posted on the Village website.)


(4)    Financial reports for the months of March, 2011.  Kolleen Begley gave the Financial Report as 9 months into the 12 months fiscal year stating it was still within budget.  Kolleen noted that the state corrected an error in their Powell Bill Fund distributions from last October which yielded an additional $425 to the Village of Forest Hills.  Kolleen noted that there is still approximately $4,000 due in from Ad Valorem taxes for this current fiscal year and then went over the few general expenses for the month.  A motion to accept the financial report was made by Gene Tweedy, seconded by Carl Hooper, unanimous. (Budgets and actual expenses are posted on the Village website)  Discussion about presentation of the next fiscal year budget at the May Council meeting advertised as an open meeting.                            


(5)    Vicki Greene, Southwestern Commission  offers facilitation services to local governments and addressed the Council regarding holding a retreat for the Village Council along with Vickie Wade (Commission) and Gerald Green (Jackson County Planner)  to do some strategic planning for the future of the area of the Village of Forest Hills.  The Council was in favor of this and discussion continued about the dates in May or June to have this session.


(6)    Resolution to adopt Rules of Procedures.   Clark Corwin distributed a working Rules of Procedures which will be approved via vote at the May 2011 meeting.  Jim Wallace started going through the numbered sections in the document.  Discussion continued on each section about level of tailoring the Suggested Rules of Procedures in the municipal publications to the Village of Forest Hills.  Discussion included regular meeting dates, who will draft the agenda, whether or not motions need a second, when and how the Mayor can be involved in vote, and standard items. 


Mayor Wallace had to leave the meeting, excused, so the remaining items on the Rules of Procedures were tabled to the May Council meeting.





Village Roads. Gene Tweedy addressed the remaining Council regarding road maintenance needed on the pavement on portions of South Country Club Drive and North Country Club Drive and the large extent of resources proper repair would take.  Gene requested approval from the Council to obtain 2 bids regarding this work.  Approval granted unanimously.   Gene further discussed that roads were the only main service (besides police patrol) that is offered to the residents.  Discussion ensued regarding doing preventative and scheduled road maintenance. 


Discussion from Kolleen Begley regarding conversations she had with contractors about preventative maintenance on the roads and that the small amount spent up front to obtain proper drainage and winter salt prevention can in turn prevent large sums of money on pavement repair in the future.  Kolleen  informed the Council that she has obtained quotes for ditch and culvert clearing and plans to present these at the May meeting. 


Discussion from Alan Begley about a minor erosion issue brought to attention by a resident that didn’t get brought in front of the board.  Discussion about procedures and items that should involve decisions from the entire board. 


Community survey being done by Prof. Todd Collins  Suzanne Stone asked that any suggestions for questions or changes to the survey that Prof. Collins class will be conducting be sent to her to collect.


Clerk needed for Village of Forest Hills.  Discussion about venues to advertise for a new Clerk and it being a public service opportunity.


Town Hall

Carl Hooper suggested a line item on the proposed budget for next fiscal year for an amount appropriated for future capital improvements which may include a town hall. 





Council Compensation

Gene Tweedy addressed the Council on the pros and cons of compensating Council and suggested putting money aside and delaying this topic.  Clark Corwin stated that there are other positions like the Clerk that should be compensated before the board is.  Discussion about bringing this topic up in the retreat with Vicki Greene.   Gene Tweedy made a motion that the compensation topic be tabled until after the retreat with Vicki Greene, seconded by Clark Corwin, nay from Carl Hooper.



At 8:39pm a motion to adjourn was made by Clark Corwin, seconded by Gene Tweedy, unanimously approved.