Forest Hills Planning Board 2-17-03

Village of Forest Hills

Planning Board Minutes

February 17, 2003

Present: Sally James, Herman Lieberman, Ruth Shuler, David Shapiro, Gene Tweedy; guest observes included Ian Prichard, Betty Tweedy, Don Stewart.

Gene called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Minutes of the last meeting (January 21, 2003) were reviewed and approved.

Old Business:

Sewage report:  Sally reported that Mr. McHargue with the Town of Sylva is being contacted for information relating to available grants to cover the cost for installing a sewer system in Forest Hills.  Communication has been good; we will need an engineer to design a working plan and additional information on associated costs.

Proposed amendments to zoning ordinance:  Ruth distributed a copy of the proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance.  Following discussion about Section 205 (regarding changing part of the region back to R-1 to permit single family homes), the PB agreed to study the document for further discussion during the next meeting.

Sign report:  Gene and Herman indicated that their investigation into constructing and erecting signs for Forest Hills is ongoing.

New Business:

Gene indicated that Joe Roman moved into the house diagonally across from SallyJoe’s work in FL was in planning; he offered to join the PB to lend his help.  He is unavailable on Monday evening, however.  Gene will seek approval to have the PB meetings moved to the 3rd Tuesday of each month (instead of the 3rd Monday of each month).

Gene introduced Mr. Don Stewart who is in negotiations to purchase the old golf course.  He explained that he is conducting a feasibility study, including finances, attitudes, etc.  He is interested to rebuild the golf course and improve it from its original condition from years ago.  A self-described “construction wiz” for golf courses, Mr. Stewart reviewed his plan, which he indicated is confidential at this time.  He invited questions and addressed them.  In response to a question, Mr. Stewart indicated that he will provide an estimated cost to install a sewer line for Forest Hills.

The meeting was dismissed at 8:25 p.m.

Submitted by David Shapiro