September 2017

Village of Forest Hills
Planning Board Meeting
Monday, September 18, 2017 – 7:00 pm
Jackson County Rec. Center, Cullowhee



  1. Welcome / Call to order: at 7:05 pm Clark Corwin called the meeting to order. 

  2. Admin Items: Clark

  • Roll Call – Planning Board members attending:

Jack Brown, Paul Heckert, Ben Graning and Mark Ellison (to be sworn in prior to next meeting).

Planning Board LiaisonClark Corwin

Absent: Jayne Buchanan

   3.  Approval of minutes: Members reviewed minutes from the June 20th and August 21st meetings. Jack made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from the June 20th and the August 21st meetings, Paul seconded the motion, unanimously accepted.

   4.  Updates: Jack and Clark provided and overview of the Planning Board’s responsibilities for the newer board members, they explained that the Planning Board is an Advisory Board to the Council. Clark encouraged the new members to go to the Village website and review the rules of procedures.

   5.  Village services provided: Clark discussed services provided by the village and asked that members consider other services that could be provided to present to the Council. Clark said he would like to see Healthy Community Initiation.

   6.  Old Business/Unfinished Business: Clark reviewed the role of the Planning Board and the board members responsibilities. He mentioned the need for a member of the Planning Board to assume the role of the Chair for the Planning Board member, he said that a chair would be good for consistency rather than having alternate people chair the meetings as they have been doing. Clark encouraged newer members to consider assuming the role of chair. Newer members felt someone more experienced might be best. Jack agreed to chair the next meeting to let other members see the process. Clark asked that each member review the website and come back with any questions at the next meeting and consider the chair position.

   7.  Annexation: Clark shared that he feels that it would be advantageous to ask the potential developer of the 12 acre lot to annex that property into the Village. He said that it would benefit the tax base. Ben asked what the benefit would be to the Developer to annex, Clark said that the Village will have to re-zone for the Development plan to be allowed.

   8.  Public Comment: None

   9.  Adjourn: at 8:45 pm Jack made a motion to adjourn, Ben seconded the motion, unanimously approved.