January 2017

Village of Forest Hills
Planning Board Meeting
January 23, 2017 – 7:00 pm
Jackson County Recreation Center




  1. Welcome / Call to order – Steve Brown - at 7:00 pm Steve called the meeting to order. 

  2. Admin Items – Steve

  • Roll Call – Planning Board members attending:

Steve Brown, Lee Budahl, Jayne Buchanan, and Jack Brown

Planning Board LiaisonClark Corwin

Professional Planner – Kristy Carter

Absent: Nilofer Couture

   3.  Approval of Minutes: Jayne made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from November, unanimously agreed.

   4.  Approval of Agenda: Jack made a motion to accept the agenda, unanimously agreed.

   5.  Administrative Reports & Council Action: Clark said that three individuals had expressed some interest in the vacant Council seat but no firm commitments.

Clark mentioned that the time frame for the public hearing was to hold the Planning Board Public Hearing at the February meeting and have the public hearing for the Council at the March meeting.

Clark shared that a Civil Engineer had been enlisted to provide recommendations on Caves Springs Road, the engineer provided a couple of recommendations, one was to get a standardized stop sign, the engineer said that the warning sign was a good effort by the village to give notice. Clark said that he spoke with Mr. Shapiro and discussed the possibility of having patrol on site or a notice posted when roads are impassable. He noted that Mr. Shapiro requested that the situation be remedied in one of the ways recommended. The Engineer suggested that if any further development in the area is planned in an area having a similar grade of 20%, additional steps be taken to prevent such a steep slope.

   6.  Public Comments: None

   7.  Old Business/Unfinished Business: (Note: Old and New Business is combined because the two topics are connected.)

Zoning Ordinance Update and Code of Ordinance: Kristy said that the Village Mixed Use District is still pretty hard to administer, she noted that she has been working with a similar project and has some edits to make before distributing the final draft. She said with the Zoning Ordinances, some of the authority to regulate certain things comes from Police Enforcement. Kristy said that Land Use Regulations come from the Board of Adjustments and that doesn’t work for residents being too noisy. She said that the Village needs a Code of Ordinances created to have a clean Zoning Ordinance, a new Code of Ordinance, and structural changes with definitions from beginning to end. She said that these recommendations will be made to the Council at the Public Hearing. 

Steve asked Kristy about housing that doesn’t have adequate parking and she said that the owner(s) can apply for relief from the Board of Adjustments. 

Kristy said that she made additional revisions to the Sign ordinance; she recommended that the Planning Board recommend the changes to the Council. Kristy said that she wants to repeal and approve ordinances on the same night. Lee said he will recommend appealing and approving the ordinances at the same time. Kristy said that it would probably be two separate recommendations.

Jayne noted that the Jackson County Recreation Center had been reserved for Planning Board meetings and was available all months except for June and July. Clark said that he would email Sarah and check with the Southwestern Commission to see if their meeting room might be available for those two months. 

Next Meeting: Kristy noted that Jayne will chair the Planning Board meeting to be held on Monday, February 20th at 7:00 pm at the Jackson County Rec. Ctr.

   8.  Adjourn: at 8:00 pm Steve made a motion to adjourn, unanimously approved.