Forest Hill Planning Board Meeting 2/26/2013-7:00
Janie Prentice
Jayne Buchanan
Kent Briggs
Todd Collins
Jim Wallace
Jim Wallace called the meeting to order and updated the planning board on how to conduct our meeting and what criteria we needed to follow
1. We are governed by Roberts rules of order
2. We should follow the Sunshine Law
3. Meetings are open to the public and are to  be announced two weeks ahead in the Sylva Herald
4. Sign up sheet for public comments to be addressed at end of meetings
5. Reminded us that our legal counsel recommends not responding to public comment
6. Press can attend our meetings
Mayor Wallace also suggested we follow up with nominations for our planning board positions
Vice Chair
Mayor Wallace also ask us to establish a Vision/Mission for the Village
After these comments from the Mayor he excused himself from the meeting
Discussion included possibly Kent might be willing to be Chair/vice chair and share the job if one or the other could not be preset for the meetings
Jayne Buchanan will fill the secretary position
Meeting are set for third Monday of each month at the rec center at 7 pm
Janie will send out emails reminding everyone of meeting days and also contact Sylva Herald for public annoucement and Stephanie the town clerk
Further Discussion included
1. Future services for infrastructure of the village
2.Cave Springs repairs/paving
Future Vision ideas
1.Developing village vacant land entrance
2.Remove debris/fallen trees from village road ways and road borders
Next meeting to be Monday March 25 @7pm