APRIL 15 2013
Janie called the meeting to order.
Jim Wallace went over how we were to use the facilities we are meeting at
Meeting should only last 1 hour.
1. The developers that own the property in the middle of Forest Hills are  planning on developing the property ,the planning board will not be involved until the developer has approached the council first and follow guide lines by the board/state etc.
2. Report on Cave Springs-First step is to determine if the owners of the property or the village is responsible for the maintenance
3. Discussed  the 1997 plat of how properties were laid out when the village was incorporated.
Virginia Lane is the only road out of Oak Forest that is included in village.
Pincushion Lane is not included in village but is included in the ETJ
There is extensive discussion about Cave Spring repair among the residents,
other issue that will also need to be addressed is the repairs for the drainage, and if there will be enough monies for this as well.
Janie suggested having professionals involved in addressing the situation
4. Also discussed funding for future projects
Most money comes from property taxes and Powell funds Limit to ($10,000 per year)
Planning Board plans
1. What do we envision for the village? 5 years? 10 years?
2. Expansion
3. Survey of property owners envision ?
Also discussed :Is the $8000 for police protection needed?
Village patrol is strictly for party nights(3 nights)
Day patrol is paid by county
Question to add to survey : Do we have adequate police patrol?
Next meeting is Monday May 20 2013 7:00
meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm