JANIE PRENTICE                                JAYNE BUCHANAN

KENT BRIGGS                                     RICK CARDONA






Janie called the meeting to order.

Minutes were approved.


1.Janie reported that Carol no longer wishes to be a planning board member and she had talked with Jim Wallace about getting another member Alan Begley is interested.


2. Kolleen Begley provided the planning board with a quote from Emery asphalt about the proper paving and repair of Cave Springs Rd

We also spoke with Mr Emery on the phone during the meeting to ask questions.

Some of the questions were.

  1. What were the advantages/disadvantages with Mat and Split seal versus asphalt?

Mat and Split seal   is more durable for the type of roads we have in our area and if properly maintained could last longer than 8 to 10 years.

  1. Does the quote include issues with water drainage problems? Would have to be assessed as work was done.
  2. Can the surface be scraped in winter weather months due to snow/ice etc?

The surface should not be scraped with a tractor type scraper or trucks with front loader blades.

  1. Would speed bumps installed be an issue on mat and split seal? Yes it could be, hard to remove speed bumps if repair work was done to mat split seal.
  2. Can salt be used on road? Yes as long as it’s a 50-10-10 high nitrogen base
  3. Did we receive a quote for paving with asphalt? No but asphalt would be double the cost of mat and split seal.
  4. Is Cave Spring road too narrow? 16 ft wide to pass
  5. Will the pull outs have the same paving? Yes
  6. Can we do this in sections? Yes but will incur more additional charges quote if for all of Cave Springs.
  7.  If needed does the quote include any culvert installations? NO


Mat and Split Seal

  1. 10 times stronger
  2. More flexibility
  3. Less cracking
  4. Better for vegetation invasion

New business

DOT Johnathan Woodard is to meet with Rick on Wed to give an opinion on any other concerns and issues that would need to be address before committing to the paving. Kolleen will also forward prior engineers report for our review.

Kollen also went over with us on how the budget is determined per our tax base .


Rick questioned if we have something in place in order to defer issues with roads etc, to where the village does not get into an situation similar to Cave Springs Rd.

Janie also suggested more communication within the village and the council and planning boards to forego these issues. Meeting adjourned @8:44.