August, 2008



FOR AUGUST 5, 2008

1.         Call to order: ( Present: Wallace, Iobst, Tweedy, Stone; absent Shapiro)

2.         Opening Prayer

3.         Approval of Minutes for July 7 meeting.            (Iobst / Tweedy Seconded)

4.         Financial Report - Jim Weir.  Presented corrected Budget for 2008-09 (Iobst / Tweedy seconded)

5.         Work Completed for the Village of Forest Hills

            a.         Alan Begley - Irrigation System

            b.         Tim Green - Resurfacing of "gravel connector loop"

            c.         David Galloway - archiving (presentation) (Iobst / Stone seconded payment)

6.         Bids for work to be done:

            a.         Right of Way trimming for non-DOT maintained North and South Country Club Drive:

                                    5 bids: $8350.00, 2050.00, 2600.00, 5000.00, 4400.00; Awarded to Alan Begley (2600)

            b.         Mulch for Village entrance (5" - 6" depth of coarse hardwood mulch):

                        1.         $ 3200.00 plus hauling (Rohaus)

                        2.         $ 2165.00 (R & R Turk) (Stone / Iobst seconded);   ($ 2725 for pine straw mulch)      

                        3.         $ 3400.00 (Jeff Polson, WNC Tree Care)

                        4.         $ 1580.66 (Cook)

7.         New Business:

            a.         Village Web Site (Council will have a presentation in near future)

            b.         Deputy OR Co-Village Clerk:  (No suggestions at this point)

8.         Old Business;

            a.         Village WEB SITE

            b.         Entrance Maintenance (weekly grass cutting, fertilizing, weeding, checking irrigation and                                     electrical systems, mulching when necessary, recognizing and heading off problems.)


            c.         Suzanne Stone:

                        1.         Survey Proposal - in progress

                        2.         Village Sidewalks - planning in progress Scott Cook letter (DOT) and 107 pedestrian "X"

            d.         Wes Stone:  Ordinance Revisions Pertaining to the Village Land Plan

            e.         Maintenance of the Village Sign Area:

                        $175.00 / month ---Turk, (Iobst / Stone seconded); [Begley $200.00; Rohaus 300.00]


                        Submitted by Jim Wallace, Mayor